Commercial Air Fresheners & Odour Neutralisers

Commercial air fresheners get rid of those bad smells with a blissful fragrance; think summer meadows or Parisian boutiques! Our automatic air fresheners are guaranteed to take your washrooms from smelling damp and nasty, to fresh and welcoming. Toilets never smelt so good, thanks to Woosh!

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Commercial Air Fresheners


Did you know...

Pomegranates studded with cloves were used as the first washroom based air fresheners

A quick squirt or lasting fragrance?

Air fragrancing has evolved from merely a blast of citrus spray every 15 mins, the range of air fragrancing by Woosh provides lasting fragrance to enhance your washrooms

Saving the planet with scents

CFC Free , Carbon Footprint Approved or even Antiviral Essential Oil based air fragrancing, that's just the Woosh way

Commercial Air Fresheners & Odour Neutralisers

We always use eco-friendly air freshener products, so not only will your washrooms smell amazing, but they're also helping to save the planet. Our commercial air fresheners differ from the average system as they provide lasting fragrances, always maintaining superb hygiene standards discreetly.

To find out more about our range of commercial air fresheners, get in touch! Our Wooshologists are here to get your washrooms smelling pleasant, always using eco-friendly products. Our essential antiviral oils create a lasting fragrance without harming the planet.

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