Commercial Dehumidifier & Air Purification Systems

Are you searching for an air purification system to improve air quality in your washrooms? Our air purifiers clean the air, removing airborne particles that cause unpleasant odours, and controlling harmful bacteria and viruses. All of our commercial air purifiers remove dust mites, pet dander, and bacteria quietly and effectively.

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Air Purification Systems


Did you know...

In 1830, a patent was awarded to Charles Anthony Deane for a device comprising a copper helmet with an attached flexible collar and garment. A long leather hose attached to the rear of the helmet was to be used to supply air - and so the first air purifier was born

Things have evolved a little since 1830

Woosh offers an unrivaled range of Air Purification, from clinical grade Hepa13 filtration to Carbon filtration and UV light. No more copper helmets and leather hoses at Woosh Washrooms

We all breathe over 2,000 gallons of air per day

That's enough air to fill a normal sized swimming pool. Considering that poor air quality has been deemed a "public health crisis" in London, at Woosh we like to think we can help improve your working environment

Air Purification Systems to Keep Your Workplace Fresh

Our air purification systems also work as dehumidifiers, improving air quality and reducing mould and fungi growth. Washrooms are prone to mould problems, but by installing an air purifier, you can remove condensation and nasty germs from the air and surfaces.

Reduce harmful viruses and attack odours at their source. Our air purifiers clear nasty smells 24/7 whilst maintaining sanitised surfaces. Get in touch with our Wooshologists to find out more about our dehumidifying air purifiers!

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