Toilet Sanitiser Products

The importance of hygiene has been amplified recently, meaning that toilet sanitiser products are crucial for any washroom. The high traffic in public washrooms means germs and bacteria aplenty, so keeping on top of hygiene standards is essential. With our range of toilet sanitiser products, you can rest assured your washroom hygiene standard is spot on.

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Toilet Sanitiser Products


Did you know...

The first time male and female toilets were separated was in Paris during a high-class party in 1739.

Being average

The average person visits the toilet 2,500 times per year

Useful fact

The first cubicle in a row is the least used and subsequently tends to be the cleanest.

Toilet Sanitiser Products For Your Washroom

Washroom visits will be as hygienic as possible with our high-quality, wall-mounted sanitiser dispenser. The 4-in-1 system means our dispenser is suitable for different types of soap, including surface cleaner and hand sanitiser. We also offer a range of toilet sanitiser products, including feminine hygiene bag dispensers and bulk toilet roll, meaning you will never run short.

Here at Woosh, we always have you, the client, at the forefront of our mission as well as the planet. We always use biodegradable chemicals, and we avoid any landfill waste. That's just the Woosh way! Contact us today to find out more. To find out how to effectively manage your business' washrooms, why not download our BLooprint guide?

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Cleaner Washrooms With Woosh's Toilet Sanitiser Products

Toilet Sanitiser Service

As well as our incredible, environmentally friendly sanitiser products, we also offer a complete washroom sanitiser service. This includes keeping our toilet roll and sanitiser dispenser filled and in top condition. We will install your amazing new toilet sanitiser products. And, because we strive to ensure your washrooms always look their best, we will replace your dispensers if they're damaged. And you'll always have access to the very best, eco-friendly toilet paper and hand sanitisers. Our refill service will ensure you're always stocked up on the best consumable sanitary products.

Toilet Sanitiser FAQ

How long are Woosh toilet sanitiser product contracts?

At Woosh, tying people into long contracts just isn't how we do things. We don't want you to stay with Woosh because you're contractually obliged. We want our customers to choose Woosh because they love us and our eco-friendly washroom solutions. We aim to impress 24/7 and are flexible and transparent for complete peace of mind.

Are Woosh soaps and sanitiser eco-friendly?

Absolutely. Our sanitiser dispenser is compatible with a wide selection of hand sanitisers, soaps, and surface cleaners. And all of our cleaning, skincare, and hygiene consumables are amazing. They're good for the environment, your skin, and more.

Do you replace your toilet sanitiser equipment?

Quicker than you can say, "Woosh". We want your washrooms to look fabulous at all times. So if your equipment gets a little beat up, we'll replace it. We'll swap out any dispenser that's taken a hammering and swap it for a pristine new one - sometimes before you even realise it needs replacing.

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