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Our sanitary bins are designed by women, for women. After feedback from hundreds of clients who used sanitary bin services, we realised that traditional sanitary bins are bulky, awkward, and simply unpleasant to look at! This is why we designed our bespoke sanitary disposal bins to ensure female washroom users have the hygiene facilities they deserve.

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Sanitary Bins


Did you know...

...the first cubicle in a row is the least used & often the cleanest…

Sanitary Bins don't need to be ugly

The Woosh 360 Sanitary bin is designed by women, for women. With patented technology to provide the most hygienic solution for your waste

Waste doesn't need to be wasteful

With the Waste to Energy Scheme, all of the waste collected is used to generate energy

Discover Better Sanitary Waste Bins

Our patented design means waste evenly fills the bin, and our bio-card sanitises the sanitary bin from the inside out. All of our bins are fully recycled; even our bin liners are made from recycled plastic.

Unlike other sanitary services, all sanitary waste we collect is incinerated for energy, meaning no waste goes to landfill! Our sanitary bins are more hygienic, less obtrusive, and easier to use than your average bin. And they're better for the environment too! 

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Sanitary Bins Made With Wooshology

We’ve combined the highest levels of hygiene with sleek design to create an effective, stylish and environmentally-friendly sanitary waste solution. How do we pack all this incredibleness into something that's not even two feet tall? It might seem like magic … but it's actually Wooshology. It's our never-ending commitment to great design. It’s a dedication to cleaner and safer spaces. And, of course, there's a huge dose of love for our planet too. 

Sanitary Waste Disposal

We know our passion comes through in every bin we make. Our attention to detail lets you know we care. But it doesn't end with our incredible products. You’ll get to experience our passion first-hand with our sanitary bin waste removal service. To keep your bathrooms pristine you’ll need to make sure your sanctuary bins are routinely emptied. But disposing of sanctuary bin waste can be a challenge. Thankfully we are on hand to make sure it's done right. We’ll make sure your waste is disposed of properly, in a safe and environmentally friendly way.


This all sounds too good to be true, right? Amazing sanitary waste bins and an environmentally friendly waste disposal service? How is it possible? When something is this good, you're going to have questions. So here are the answers…

How is Woosh's waste disposal sustainable?

We use the waste we collect to heat Poole Hospital. We don't make exaggerated claims about how we help the environment. Nor are we simply tree huggers. At Woosh, we genuinely care about our planet and aim to deliver practical, sustainable solutions.

How long are Woosh's waste disposal contracts?

We don't do "contracts". Our loyal customers stay with us because we strive to deliver a first-rate service 24/7, not because they're tied down with legalese. At Woosh, we seek to give you complete peace of mind and satisfaction by being flexible and transparent.

Do you replace your sanitary bins?

Absolutely, we replace our sanitary bins. Over time, even the best washroom products can get dinged up. And when this happens, we're more than happy to replace them. In fact, we love replacing our products before you even notice they need replacing. We want your bathroom to look great as much as you do.

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