Bulk Hand Soap

At Woosh, we’ve got everything you need to keep your hands feeling soft, fresh, and (most importantly) clean. We have an incredible range of hand soaps (and equally amazing soap dispensers) that are kind to your skin and the environment. Soap is a bathroom essential - keep your washroom stocked up with our fantastic bulk hand soap range.

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Did you know...

Soap has been around for at least 4,800 years: even the ancient Egyptians used a substance that was similar to our modern soap.

In times gone by...

...Washrooms came with a lump of dirty carbolic soap. Today, our washrooms are like little designer pads devoted to purity. Want luxury cleansing soaps? And smells as fragrant as the summer meadow? Buy on a cost-effective, serviced basis and dispense with dirt.

How soap kills the COVID-19 virus

“Simple, good old-fashioned soap and water is exceptionally effective at removing the coronavirus from your hands - more so than harsh chemicals or disinfectants that can also damage the skin,” Dr Dan Corbett.

Bulk Liquid Soap… And Much More!

Soap is about as essential to a bathroom as toilet paper or even a toilet. Germs and nasties are everywhere. There's no avoiding them. But you can do the next best thing, get rid of them. Avoiding bacteria altogether is no easy feat, but removing it couldn't be simpler. Woosh's anti-bacterial soap takes care of harmful bacteria and so much more. Just whip it up into a rich, creamy lather and let it work its magic. Our bulk soap is also mild and gentle on the skin, unperfumed, and moisturises. Impressive, even if we do say so ourselves. 

‍Our soap is undoubtedly something to shout about. If we were just bulk soap suppliers, that would be incredible enough. But our ingenious Wooshologists couldn't resist brightening up washrooms with sleek, stylish soap dispensers too. 

At Woosh, we take care of all your washroom needs. That means. as well as incredible dispensers and luxury soap, we also provide washroom services for both. We'll keep your dispensers in top condition, and you never need to worry about running low on hand soap - we'll make sure you stay stocked up. We'll even package your soap restock and dispenser maintenance into one trip to reduce our carbon footprint. Keep your washrooms looking fabulous and your hands clean with Woosh washroom services.

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How Are Woosh Environmentally Friendly?

Just as our soap cares for your hands, we care for the environment. We know it's trendy to shout about being environmentally friendly. But at Woosh, we really back it up. It’s not a gimmick, it’s who we are. It's the Woosh way. From reusing the waste we collect to Heat Poole Hospital to making our amazing floor mats from recycled fishing nets, we do everything we can to care for our planet. And as much as we love to see all our happy customers, we limit our trips to you by bundling our deliveries and services together to reduce our carbon footprint.

Do You Make Bespoke Dispensers?

Absolutely. If you love what you see but want to make it a little bit more You, let us know. Our Wooshologists love thinking up amazing new washroom products. Combining function and style, every bespoke order is sure to impress as much (if not more) as our regular stocked products. Our team of designers, joiners, and metal workers can create what you’re looking for in wood, stainless steel, or Corian.

Do You Replace Washroom Equipment?

Definitely. We love a pristine washroom, so we’ll do everything we can to help you achieve one. That means replacing worn equipment, sometimes before you even realise it needs replacing. Woosh soap dispensers are built to last, but they can take a beating over time. And if they do, we’ll replace them faster than you can say, “Woosh”!

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