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Heavy Duty Scraper
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Heavy Duty Scraper

Designed to handle the toughest foot traffic debris.

A tough first line of defence in all weather conditions. The unique pile construction, combined with a long-lasting vinyl or rubber backing, offers superior performance in terms of function and appearance. The audible presence of the monofilament scrapers encourages people to wipe their feet over the mat, further increasing the product's functionality.

  • Made of strong solution dyed mono filament yarns – it removes excessive dirt and moisture, such as heavy deposits of mud, snow, sand, and grit
  • Secondary Entrance Matting
  • Extremely Durable
  • Surface Mounted or in Matwell

Construction: Microfibre technology, Nitrile rubber backing

Environmentally Friendly: Created from Econyl (recycled fishing nets), saving the planet with every step

Sizes: 85 x 150 or 115 x 200 cm

Heavy Duty Mud & Boot Scraper Mats

Okay, we know heavy-duty shoe scraper mats aren't the most exciting purchase, but we swear ours are the most thrilling. This is because we have tried & tested our products, helping us find the mats people really want. Our heavy-duty mud scraper mats make the perfect line of defence, fighting against every type of weather. Wave goodbye to slips, trips, and dirty floors. Made from super tough, long-lasting materials, our boot scraper mats are here to stick around. That's the Woosh way. 

You haven't seen the back of us yet. If this sounds like a heavy-duty scraper mat for you, then get in touch with our Wooshologists. We are dedicated to keeping you all safe and your properties sparkling clean.

If you want to learn more about our scraper mats, then fill your boots! Our mission is to keep buildings clean and safe. You can also download the first edition of our BLooprint today. It’s more than just washroom reading - this guide outlines everything you need to keep a clean and safe commercial building and washrooms effectively.

Heavy Duty Scraper

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Frequently Asked Questions

How often should boot scraper mats be replaced?

Our scraper mats are highly durable and can withstand many feet in any weather! They also have long-term appearance retention, so you don’t need to worry about them looking worse for

Are your mud scraper mats suitable for any sized doorway?

We offer two sizes in our boot scraper mats, including 85 x 150 and 115 x 200 cm. This makes them suitable for the majority of standard entrances. Simply speak to a member of our Woosh team to find the right size mat for your building.

Can boot mud scraper mats be used in winter?

Yes! Our mats are designed for use all year round, whatever the weather. They are durable and hard-wearing, maintaining their quality and effectiveness come rain or shine! They are especially useful in keeping commercial buildings safe during the wetter months by preventing nasty slips and falls.

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