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Sleek toilet roll dispensers, luxury toilet roll, and a dedicated and friendly team here to make sure you never run out - What more could you want? Our commercial toilet roll range is an environmentally friendly way to keep your commercial washrooms stocked with the essentials.

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Did you know...

...the first recorded use of toilet paper was in 6th century China. Packaged toilet paper wasn’t sold in the United States until 1857.

Woosh Provides

Our consumables are nice enough to hug. Except they're toiletries. So don't!

Toilet paper that's not only kind to you

Woosh offers a range of environmentally friendly toilet rolls, from Eucalyptus to bamboo we have the range to help you and the environment. Why not combine your consumables delivery with your Washroom Services to help reduce your carbon footprint?

Washroom Essentials Done Right

Few things are as essential to a bathroom as toilet paper. Wait soap is pretty important too. And you can buy hand soap here. But this page is about toilet paper…more specifically environmentally friendly, premium toilet rolls available in bulk. Our paper is strong and soft for greater absorption. And we use more sustainable options such as eucalyptus and bamboo. 

Our paper is amazing… there's no doubt about that. But somehow, this keeps getting better. Because in addition to our fantastic wholesale toilet paper we also stock stylish toilet roll dispensers. Keep your washrooms looking fantastic with dispensers designed by our expert Wooshologists. Using an old, tired, uninspired toilet roll dispenser (or worse no dispenser at all) won’t win you a loo of the year award.

You’ve got incredible toilet paper. They're housed in our fantastic toilet roll dispensers. Why not keep your washroom looking incredible with our servicing? We’ll ensure your toilet roll dispensers are in peak condition (and replace them quicker than you can say Woosh if they’re not). We’ll even combine your toilet roll delivery and toilet roll dispenser servicing together to keep our carbon footprint down. 

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Are Woosh Really Environmentally Friendly?

We get it, “environmentally friendly” is one of those trendy terms. But at Woosh it's not a gimmick. We genuinely care for our planet, and we embody this at every opportunity we get. We pair up our deliveries and services to cut down our carbon footprint. We use the waste we collect to heat Poole Hospital. Our entrance mats are made from recycled fishing nets. And so much more.

Do You Take Bespoke Orders?

Like what you see but want to make it feel a little bit more you? Our Wooshologists are on it. We can make custom dispensers in wood, stainless steel, or Corian. Speak with us and let us know what you’re looking for. We have a team of designers, joiners, and metal workers looking.

How Long Are Your Contracts?

With Woosh you don’t need to worry about a lengthy contract. We know you’ll love our toilet paper and how well we maintain your dispensers you won’t want to leave us. That’s how we aim to keep our happy customers - by impressing them 24/7.

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Find out how we can Woosh your washrooms and make your life simpler with a smiley service There is no obligation and we’re proud to be impartial when it comes to finding the best washroom service solution for you and your business.

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