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Cero Scraper Washroom Mats
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Cero Scraper Washroom Mats

Cero scraping mats double the effectiveness of your entrance matting with their dual-action properties. Our dual-action Cero scraper mat captures 50% more dirt than a standard mat. 

Its unique pile construction, combined with a long-lasting vinyl or rubber backing, offers superior performance in terms of function and long-term appearance retention. The audible presence of the monofilament scrapers encourages people to wipe their feet over the mat, further increasing the product's functionality.

Your efforts in keeping your premises health and safety compliant become much more effective with using a cero scraper mat. Consider including them in your matting solution system.

The Cero scraper mat consists of textile mats tufted from successive rows of ECONYL® solution-dyed polyamide fibres. The monofilament fibres work as tough scrapers, combined with a high twist and heat set bicolour multifilament yarn, which is designed for dirt and moisture absorption

  • Secondary Entrance Matting
  • Extremely Durable
  • Up to 59% more water absorption
  • Up 50% more soil captured
  • Surface Mounted or in Matwell
  • 9mm Gauge Dual Textile Scrape

Construction: Microfibre technology, Nitrile rubber backing

Environmentally Friendly: created from Econyl (recycled fishing nets) saving the planet with every step

Sizes: Various sizes available

Ensure your washroom is safe with Woosh

Prevent those nasty slips and falls with our heavy-duty floor scraper mats. They will effectively wipe off any excess moisture from wet shoes, minimising the risk of those pesky puddles forming! Here at Woosh, we are committed to making washrooms safer and more eco-friendly. We kit out our washrooms with only the highest quality products with a minimum impact on the planet. We’re changing the world, one washroom at a time. You can be part of that journey with us!

Our floor mats are designed to keep you safer for longer. They are made from durable and long-wearing ECONYL® yarn - produced from regenerated nylon sourced from waste fishing nets and carpets. Repurposing these materials creates a revolutionary washroom product and minimises landfill waste. We’re pretty sure you won’t find anything better!

You can learn more about our mission and how to get your own heavy-duty shoe scraper mats by simply getting in touch. Why not take a look at the first edition of our BLooprint for a bit of light washroom reading? This is our essential guide, outlining everything Woosh has to offer so you can manage your washrooms more effectively.

Cero Scraper Washroom Mats

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Frequently Asked Questions

What makes your heavy-duty floor mats different from the rest?

Woosh mats are made from ECONYL® - and eco-friendly recycled nylon. We take dumped fishing nets from the ocean that would otherwise end up potentially ensnaring and killing endangered marine life and recycle them to make our mats.

Are all Woosh products eco-friendly?

Nothing is greenwashed at Woosh. We invest only in sustainable products that have a minimal impact on our environment while still providing the quality required for a highly functional washroom. You never have to worry about greenwashing or the environment with us. All our products are made with people and the planet in mind.

Are your heavy-duty scraper floor mats suitable for use outside?

It is ultimately down to you where you want to keep your heavy-duty entrance matting. Our shoe scraper mats are highly durable and can withstand some pretty adverse weather conditions. Whether you wish for people to wipe their shoes before they enter the building or once they step inside is entirely up to you.

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