Clinical Waste Bins - Swabs & Dressings Disposal

At Woosh, we're changing how people dispose of waste. Through ingenious (and stylish) design, we're giving waste disposal a much-needed facelift. And swabs and dressings disposal is no exception. Our Wooshologists have kept and perfected all the essentials of clinical waste bins, such as their durability. And we've done away with the awkward bulkiness and other design disasters found in other bins on the market. What could be more Woosh than making clinical waste bins safe and stylish?

Swabs & Dressings Disposal
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Swabs & Dressings Disposal

The swabs and dressings disposal container has been specifically designed for the safe disposal of both clinical and hazardous swabs and dressings waste from a range of environments.

The unit is pedal operated, removing the need for hand contact and reducing the risk of cross-infection. Made from strong polypropylene for durability, the units are scuff resistant.

  • 30-litre plastic pedal bin
  • Quiet heavy-duty pedal mechanism
  • Choice of 4 colours
  • Rounded corners and smooth contours for ease of cleaning 
  • Plastic construction (polypropylene) - won't rust or dent

Construction: Polypropylene

Dimensions: H435 x W400 x D410mm

Swabs & Dressings Disposal For Clinical and Hazardous Waste

Our swabs & dressing disposal bins have been designed with the user in mind. Providing safe disposal of both clinical and hazardous waste, you can rest assured your environment will be kept as clean as possible. Suitable for wound dressing disposal or swabs contaminated with other....bodily fluids. Available in a range of colours, because who said swab and dressing disposal bins couldn't look good? They're also pedal operated, removing the need for touching with dirty mits and spreading nasties. 

If you thought it couldn't get any better, you're wrong. These bins hold up to 30 litres AND boast rounded corners for easy cleaning! Wowzers. Sounds amazing, right? It's sure to impress, so we don’t tie you down with contracts. Instead, we rely on our amazing Wooshologists’ ability to impress you 24/7. Get in touch with our Wooshologists if you wish to learn more about our swabs and dressings disposal solutions.

Swabs & Dressings Disposal

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do Woosh Offer Waste Disposal?

Yes. At Woosh, we're passionate about safe and environmentally friendly waste disposal. This means taking on every step of the process to ensure it's done right. From designing and supplying high-quality clinical waste bins to collecting and disposing of the contents - we do it all. But we don't do things the way you might expect. We don't tie you down with lengthy contracts. Instead, we strive to continually provide excellent service. We'll be so good you won't want to leave.

Do Woosh Dispose of Swabs and Dressings Properly?

Absolutely. We know ensuring waste is disposed of properly can be challenging. But we are here to take care of it for you. Whether we are disposing of swabs and dressing or sharps (yes, we do sharps disposal too), we ensure it's done safely and legally.

Do You Replace Your Clinical Waste Bins?

Quicker than you can say, "Woosh". Our bins are scruff resistant and built to last, but if they start to look worn or past their best, we'll swap them for new pristine ones. The stuff in them might look yucky, but your waste bins don't have to.

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