Commercial Hand Towel Dispensers

Your workplace washroom gets some serious traffic; whether it's employees, visitors, or clients, you need to have it look its best. It certainly doesn’t look up to scratch if you’ve got a soggy stack of paper towels hogging the sink space. Employees need easy access to toilets and suitable hand washing equipment as a bare minimum. No one wants to look at crusty taps, soggy hand towels and smeared mirrors on their trip to the bathroom. If you want attractive toilets that are easy to maintain, you should think about paper hand towels. They’re the most hygienic way to dry as the friction of drying reduces the germ count considerably!

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Hand Towel Dispensers


Did You Know?

In 1907, the Scott Paper Company of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, invented paper towels. The invention was inspired by a teacher who tried to tackle a cold outbreak in school by handing out soft paper and not contaminating the roller towels in toilets.

Sanitising Superstars!

Paper towels are considered superior to air dryers from a hygiene point of view. If hygiene is important (which it should be!), we recommend disposable paper towels alongside hand dryers for your washroom.

Two jobs for the price of one!

Once you’ve washed, dried and sanitised your hands, you don’t want to touch door handles and other germy surfaces. Behold paper towels to the rescue! Use them as a barrier between you and surfaces so you both stay cleaner for longer.

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Browse our range of hand towel dispensers below. Disposable paper hand towels are the best way to guarantee you're catching, binning and killing any lingering germs on your hands. Wipe goodbye to rolling towel dryers - they're a breeding ground for bacteria. Our wall-mounted hand towel dispensers are designed to eradicate contamination and touch as much as possible. They dispense interfold, C-fold and Z-fold single towels to minimise waste too.

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The Three Steps To Hygienic Hands

1. Wash Them

Start by splashing water all over your hands, soaking every centimetre. Next, it’s time to get lathering. Douse your hands in the soap of your choice and get scrubbing. May we suggest installing a soap dispenser instead of a soap bar to restrict those nasty germs from spreading? Make sure to get right in under your nails and the gaps between your fingers. This is where the real germs like to live!

2. Dry Them

Here’s where the real magic happens! Using a disposable paper towel, repeat the washing techniques to get right in there and get dry. Make sure you don’t stop until they’re completely dry; the last thing you need is your soggy handprints all over the shop. Consider matting in your washrooms to soak up any spillages. Nobody wants to go on a slip and slide on their trip to the bathroom!

3. Sanitise Them

You can never be too careful when fighting germs. There’s no such thing as too much protection in the handwashing game. Liquid soap's main bag is to target visible dirt but can leave invisible germs and viruses hidden! A hand sanitiser dispenser will take care of any stubborn bacteria. Squirt a dollop of the gel into your palms and keep rubbing your hands together until completely dry. Viola! You’re armed and ready to fight infections and germs from your fingertips!


Do Woosh Supply Paper Towels?

Yes! Our incredible washroom products range includes a complete selection of top-quality consumables. We'll keep your hand towel dispensers stocked with environmentally friendly, hygienic hand towels.

Do you replace broken or damaged hand towel dispensers?

We certainly do. We take great pride in keeping your washrooms looking amazing. So if your hand towel dispenser gets scuffed up, we'll swap it out for a new pristine one - sometimes, before you even notice.

How long are Woosh contracts?

You don't need to worry about contracts with Woosh. We don't want you to feel you have to work with us because you signed a piece of paper. Our customers work with us because they love to. People choose Woosh because they align with our values of caring for the planet and making washrooms look fantastic. Our 24/7 dedication to impressing you with amazing products and services helps too.

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