Commercial Soap Dispensers

Wash away the nasties of every day with our beautifully crafted soaps. The average person washes their hands between 6-10 times a day. So, we believe it’s essential that soap is readily available and easy to access when needed. Our soap dispensers are strong and durable without being bulky. They are capable of withstanding the everyday use of a busy washroom.

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Soap Dispensers


Did you know...

Soap has been around for at least 4,800 years: even the ancient Egyptians used a substance similar to our modern soap.

In times gone by...

Washrooms came with a lump of dirty carbolic soap. Today, our washrooms are like little designer pads devoted to purity. Want luxury cleansing soaps? And smells as fragrant as the summer meadow? Buy on a cost-effective, serviced basis and dispense with dirt.

How soap kills the COVID-19 virus

“Simple, good old-fashioned soap and water are exceptionally effective at removing the coronavirus from your hands - more so than harsh chemicals or disinfectants that can also damage the skin,” Dr. Dan Corbett.

Soap Dispensers For Liquid & Foam Soap

Washing away the nasties of everyday has never been easier than with our easy-to-use soap dispensers. Wave goodbye to dirty soap dishes - they're a breeding ground for bacteria. Our wall-mounted soap dispensers are designed for optimum user-friendliness. 

The touch-free operation of our dispensers means less contamination and ultimate hygiene for your washrooms. We even design and manufacture bespoke hand sanitiser dispensers! This is because we believe every washroom deserves a touch of luxury. That's just the Woosh way. We also endeavour constantly to replace tired equipment before you've even realised. That's our promise. Want to find out more? Get in touch today. Soap dispensers have never been so exciting. Or, why not download our Facilities Manager's Guide to Effective Washroom Management?

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Soap Dispensers Made With Wooshology

We want to ensure everyone’s hands are squeaky clean. We’ve combined our knowledge of hygiene and washrooms to create the most effective, sanitary, and stylish commercial soap dispensers you have ever seen! These tiny soapy boxes are the unsung hero of any bathroom. Now that washing your hands is more important than ever, you need soap dispensers you can rely on daily. Don’t worry! We haven’t forgotten our passion for the planet. All our soap dispensers are refillable to reduce plastic waste

The Woosh Guide To Hand Washing

1. Wet Your Hands & Lather With Soap

You must wash your hands with clean running water to ensure the soap can lather properly. Grab a few pumps of soap from your soap dispenser and get scrubbing! You want to ensure the soap is foaming nicely.

2. The Happy Birthday Rule

Seeing as we wash our hands so often, it may as well be fun. Sing a verse and chorus of your favourite song, or just keep it simple with a rendition of happy birthday. It’s important you keep the hand washing going for at least 20 seconds to ensure all germs are gone.

3. Time To Dry Off (Properly)

Drying your hands sufficiently is just as important as cleaning them. Damp hands can be a breeding ground for bad bacteria! Hold your hands beneath the hand dryer for the most effective, eco-friendly drying method.


Do you replace broken soap dispensers?

We do indeed. We are passionate about the quality of our products. Although it takes a lot for these strong soap dispensers to break, we understand that accidents happen. We want your washroom to be in good working order, ensuring good hygiene and a pleasant washroom experience.

Can you design a soap dispenser to match my washroom?

Yes, we can. In fact, our boutique soap and hand cream dispensers are available in a range of high-grade materials, so you are bound to find something that suits your style. We can even include designer fragancing to get those hands smelling to die for. We’ll even restock your bespoke soap throughout your agreement term, so you don’t have to worry about replacing it.

Are your soap dispensers eco-friendly?

At Woosh, it’s our life’s mission to make washrooms cleaner and greener. All of our soap dispensers are refillable. They are also extremely durable and stand the test of time without needing replacement. Also, the soaps we provide for you to refill your dispensers are full of natural ingredients (because we care about the plant, and you should too).

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