Refillable Boutique Soap and Hand Cream Dispenser (2 x 500ml)

Woosh Boutique Soap and Hand Cream Dispenser (2 x 500ml)
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Woosh Boutique Soap and Hand Cream Dispenser (2 x 500ml)

Looking for a hand soap dispenser as unique as your washroom? Here at Woosh, we believe every washroom deserves a bit of something special. Our team will whip up a bespoke design that perfectly matches your style and space to help you elevate your hand hygiene game in style! You can refill your dispensers easily with our hand soaps, so your hands never have to go unwashed!

  • Available in a range of high-grade materials to match your client’s workplace style
  • Designer Fragrancing by fifth generation French perfumer
  • Free standing or wall-mounted
  • Dispenses a controlled amount of soap for optimum usage
  • Efficient, cost-effective method of reducing the spread of germs
  • Provision of soap throughout the agreement term
  • Healthy staff, happy staff

Refill Volume: 2 x 500ML bottles

Dimensions: 13.5cm Width, 23cm Height, 8cm Depth

Our refillable boutique soap and hand cream dispensers are like having a spa day in your washroom, minus the fluffy robes and cucumber slices! The sustainable soapy saviour, this dispenser will have your hands feeling softer than a baby bunny's fur. Say goodbye to wasteful plastic bottles and hello to eco-friendly goodness. With their sleek design and practical function, these are the commercial hand soap and cream dispensers you never knew you needed. Treat your hands and the planet to a touch of class!

Woosh Boutique Soap and Hand Cream Dispenser (2 x 500ml)

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