Energy Efficient Commercial Hand Dryers

When you’re managing a business, installing brilliant bathroom facilities should be at the forefront of your mind. We don’t care how boring that sounds. Employees need easy access to toilets and effective handwashing equipment as a bare minimum. And, let's be honest, empty soap dispensers, scaly taps and crusty towels are gross. If you’d like attractive toilets that are easy to maintain, you should know that hand dryers are infinitely more hygienic than shared hand towels.

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Did you know...

In 1948 the inventor George Clemens developed the first electric hand dryer. It blew warm air through a nozzle allowing the user to place their hands underneath in the airflow.

Over time... has significantly advanced, from hand dryers with optional heating elements to finish times of under 10 seconds. That’s slightly faster than Usain Bolt can run 100 metres.

Nothing to be noisy about

Our range of hand dryers combines speed and efficiency with minimal fuss, reducing the decibels that announce your washroom visit.

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Browse our range of drying equipment below. We've got anything your business could need, from blade hand dryers to a compact model for tight spaces. Every machine is built with convenience and exceptional performance in mind! Our Jet Blade hand dryer is covered in an antibacterial coating and dries you rapidly with double-sided jets. The Ultra Fast hand dryer is no-touch, and the Compact Fast Dry model comes with intelligent eco-heating.

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Commercial Hand Dryers For Your Workplace

Our modern hand dryers will dry your hands in the blink of an eye. Woosh manages to make visiting the bathroom an exciting experience! Well, almost. On top of exceptional performance, our drying equipment is eco-friendly, because we care about the planet.

We're proudly reducing strain on the environment by designing exceptional washroom products that last. Automatic hand dryers achieve ultimate hygiene, with less contamination involved than paper towels or a wipe on your jeans. Our hand dryers also come with a one-year warranty as standard; that's just the Woosh way. Plus, we will never tie you down with a contract. If you're wondering why it's simply because we know we can impress you 24/7. You won't want to leave. Get in touch today to discuss your commercial hand dryer requirements. Or, why not download our BLooprint? It's the ultimate guide to effective washroom management - you won't regret it.

The Three Steps To Hygienic Hands

1. Wash Them

Splash water all over your hands to begin, ensuring every centimetre is soaking. Next, lather up those paws with your soap of choice. We recommend you install a soap dispenser over using a traditional bar to restrict the spread of germs! Make sure you scrub underneath your nails, and you pay extra attention to the gaps between your fingers. Bacteria lingers there. Nasty.

2. Dry Them

Time for you to experience the luxury of a hand dryer now you’ve rinsed all the dirt off your mitts. Hold your hands underneath the dryer until they’ve completely dried, or you’ll leave wet handprints all over the washroom. Consider adding hand dryer mats to your decor if you notice moisture puddles underneath your machine. Nobody wants to slip and trip when they’ve popped to the toilet!

3. Sanitise Them

You can’t be too cautious in the hand washing game. Don’t let anyone convince you otherwise. Liquid soap predominantly targets visible dirt, so viruses may remain alive yet hidden! A hand sanitiser dispenser will take care of any stubborn bacteria. Rub a dollop of the alcohol-based gel between your fingers once they’ve completely dried, and rest easy in the knowledge you’re clean as can be. 


Do you repair your hand dryers?

Of course we do. We'll keep your hand dryers in top condition. Our ongoing servicing and maintenance will ensure your hand dryers continue to look amazing and perform brilliantly.

How long are Woosh contracts?

Our customers work with us because of our amazing work - not because of contracts. We work to impress you 24/7. From outstanding customer care to excellent maintenance to keep your hand dryers running perfectly, we'll do everything to ensure you love working with us.

Why should I choose Woosh?

Where to begin? There are so many reasons. Woosh are so much more than the fantastic products we offer (like the hand dryers above). We also do our bit for the environment and provide the highest levels of customer care. We are transparent and flexible, working and growing with you. And that just scratches the surface. For more on what makes us so special, check out our "Why Woosh" page.

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