The Facilities Manager's Guide to Effective Washroom Management

Woosh BLooprint - Edition 1

Welcome to the first edition (hint hint) of our BLooprint.

More than washroom reading, this guide outlines everything you need to make innovative and effective washroom management a reality for your business.

Our ambition, along with some pretty cool collaborators, was to deliver an informative and refreshing publication covering the fundamentals of exceptional washroom management and to showcase the essentials that will make your washrooms welcoming.

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What's Inside?

Chapter 1

What do industry experts think?

FM celebs share their thoughts about why washrooms need to move up the priority list, and the impact effective washroom management can have on a business’ reputation.

Chapter 2

Effective washroom management

A step by step guide for managing your washrooms so that even the most toilet obsessed visitor leaves with a smile on their face.

Chapter 3

Hygienic washrooms

A detailed overview of the washroom essentials that will help you decide what products and services are right for your business, your budget and your washroom users.

Chapter 4

Waste disposal

An easy-to-follow guide to your obligations and responsibilities for disposing of all types of waste, as well as your options on how to do so effectively.

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