Planet Woosh

We will Woosh washrooms faster, cleaner and greener. We’ll care more, do more and give more to ensure we’re the best. Along the way, we’ll show we’re human, with hearts, minds and an appetite for cheesy biscuits. We’ll build relationships that last and show kindness, whether it’s to the people we meet or the planet we live on.

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Yo! I'm Keith the whale. I eat with my mouth open. Yes, my mouth gets full of say yuk! But I say no! Thanks to Woosh and their non-harmful biodegradable chemicals, it tastes great.

Woosh get my vote. They really do care more, do more and give more.

HI! I'm a tree. Think of me as a sky scrapper of the natural world. I'm multi-talented. I've 2 snakes, an army of ants, 1 sloth and a toucan. Quite a little community really and I'm still standing thanks to Woosh who are rain forest friendly.

Hello! I'm a penguin, and I'm very relaxed... Why? Because Woosh's carbon footprint is so low I don't have to get all heated up campaigning. I'm just chilling out down south.

By Choosing Woosh as your washroom services partner, we have generated...

KwH of Renewable Energy


Powers home for



Power Home for



Enough Energy to boil



Not just greenwash...

These days, it's a bit trendy to say how environmental you are. It's all a bit 'me too'. We aim to exceed all legislative requirements? Check. Invest in sustainable products? Check. Protect the vole population? Check.

At Woosh, we rarely hug trees. But we do want to be friends of the planet and think it's a beautiful place to hang out. So we use biodegradable chemicals. If they get into the water system, they'll break down. We rigorously assess our supply chain for green credentials.

We've also never harmed any voles.

Why Woosh 360 Sanitary Bins

In days gone by we all sent our waste to landfill…

Today Woosh is proud to be utilising the waste we collect to heat Poole Hospital through our Waste to Energy scheme

Why Woosh Air Fresheners

We all have a part to play in reducing the amount of plastic waste we generate, not only do our Air Fresheners help by reducing plastic waste but they also don't contain any of those nasty CFC's and are the only Carbon footprint approved air fresheners.

With anti viral essential oils, we help create a lasting fragrance that isn't harmful to the planet.

Why Woosh Mats…..?

The toughest environmental problems are the ones that can't be seen. 
One of the worst is the “submerged problem” of  abandoned fishing nets.
These nets, the world over, drift for months or years, ensnaring and killing helpless sea creatures such as whales, turtles, seals & other marine animals.
At Woosh we care about our environmental impact & all of our standard mats are made from regenerated  solution dyed nylon.
This reduces the quantities of materials sent to landfill or discarded in the ocean.

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