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Maintain excellent hand hygiene in your washrooms and on the go with our incredible hand sanitiser gel and sprays. Our hand sanitiser range is a versatile selection of premium sanitisers designed for all your needs. We have compact bottles which are ideal for when you’re on the go, sanitiser sprays for your hands and surfaces, and refills to keep your sanitiser dispensers stocked.

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Did you know...

Before hand sanitiser, also known as hand sanitiser, was even around, people knew that alcohol could sterilise. Alcohol is actually derived from al kohl, a term for the antimony ancient Egyptians used to treat eye infections 5,000 years ago.

Bugs, Bacteria and Viruses all like catching a ride on hands

A multitude of nasties are transferred with every handshake. That's where our sanitisers can help. They prevent stomach upsets, flu, MRSA and other nasty viruses that can keep people off work.

Hand Sanitiser that doesn't dry your hands

All of our hand sanitisers are >70% alcohol for effective cleansing and disinfection, providing full protection against bacteria while keeping hands feeling fresh, soft, and moisturised as a result of the added aloe vera – even with repeated frequent use.

Mousturising Hand Sanitiser Gel

Woosh’s marvellous team of Wooshologists have worked hard to create this incredible range of hand sanitisers. Our bulk sanitiser range means you’ll never run out. We’ll keep your washroom stocked with effective sanitisers that will kill harmful bacteria and keep your hands feeling amazing. Our quick-dry formula contains aloe vera to not only clean but also moisturise. Plus, it's very effective - killing 99.9% of all bacteria.

Our hand sanitiser range is a versatile selection of sanitiser gels and sprays designed to maintain the highest levels of hygiene. Combined with our sleek and stylish dispenser, our sanitiser will be a cornerstone of creating a washroom to be proud of. Throw in a reliable refill delivery service from a delightful team of washroom enthusiasts, and you have an impeccable, germ-busting sanitiser solution.

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How Do Woosh Help The Environment?

We are mindful of our impact on the environment with every product and service we offer. And our Wooshologists are constantly thinking up new ways to deliver outstanding washroom services that are kinder to the planet. Some of the ways we look after our planet include using the waste we collect to heat Poole Hospital, keeping our products free of harmful nasties, and using recycled fishing nets to create our floor mats.

Why Choose Woosh?

You already know our hand sanitisers are amazing, but what truly makes Woosh special? There are many things. Our incredible Wooshologists and their innovative approach to washroom product design. Our friendly team that strive for washroom excellence with every stock refill and product repair. And, of course, there's our commitment to the environment.

How Do I Make The Switch To Woosh?

With Woosh, your washrooms have never been in safer (or cleaner hands), so there's no wonder you want to make the switch. And though it's not as simple as signing a piece of paper (we wish it was), we endeavour to make it as effortless as possible. We’ll hold your hand every step of the way, and you’ll be up and running with an excellent washroom service tailored to all your needs in no time.

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