Hand Sanitiser Gel 500ml

The third step in ensuring complete hand hygiene is to use hand sanitiser. Protect yourself and others from germs with our 500ml Hand Sanitiser. Perfect for workplaces, schools, and other spaces, our hand sanitiser provides a quick way to sanitise your hands when hand washing isn’t an option.

Hand Sanitiser 500ml
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Hand Sanitiser 500ml

This handy 500ml Sanitiser Gel provides enough gel to offer protection in work environments, schools and other spaces where frequent hand hygiene is a must. Ideal for placing on tables or hand sanitising stations, these 500ml hand sanitiser bottles are compact enough not to get in the way of daily tasks.

Killing 99.9% of bacteria, the odourless formulation protects against germs and transmission of infection, while the long-lasting volume allows for full peace of mind that you have sufficient gel to meet your needs.

Quick-Drying Hand Sanitizer Made With 70% Alcohol In Accordance With FDA Guidelines

Bottle size: 198 x 56 x 84 mm

Packaging: Recyclable plastic

Alcohol percentage: 70%

Certification: EN1650, EN1276:2019 and EN1500

Quantities: 500ml bottle x 24 bottles per case

Safety: Use hand sanitisers safely. Always read the label and product information before use.

Break the Chain of Infection with our Hand Sanitiser Gel 500ml

One of the main modes of transmission for various infections and illnesses is via infected surfaces. Ensure your hands are free from germs with the use of our hand sanitiser gel in 500ml. With the ability to kill 99.9% of bacteria, our hand sanitiser can protect you against germs and break the chain of infection. 

This odourless formulation means there’s no strong alcohol smell commonly associated with hand sanitisers, providing you with a positive hand sanitising experience. You won’t have to spend an age waiting for your hands to dry either. Our 500ml hand sanitiser is quick-drying, allowing you to sanitise and get on with your day without disruption. 

Ensure Complete Hand Hygiene with Woosh

Hand sanitising is the third stage of complete hygiene. Make sure you also have the first and second stages covered with Woosh. From hand soap dispensers to hand towel dispensers and hand dryers, we offer a range of products to ensure you are protected from germs. Get in touch with our Wooshologists today to upgrade your washrooms to accommodate good hand hygiene practices.  

Hand Sanitiser 500ml

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is hand sanitiser better than soap?

Studies have shown there is no significant difference between washing your hands with soap and disinfecting them with hand sanitiser. This means hand sanitiser is just as effective in removing bacteria from your hands if you can’t access a sink to wash them. With our handy 500ml Hand Sanitiser, you can sanitise your hands wherever needed!

Is foam hand sanitiser better than gel?

Gel and foam hand sanitisers are equally effective in their antibacterial properties. Regardless of the format you prefer, you can have peace of mind that your hand sanitiser is still protecting you from germs.

How often should you wash your hands?

The number of times you wash your hands can depend on your daily tasks, but it is commonly recommended that you wash your hands 6 to 10 times daily. This includes after using washrooms, before food preparation, and before eating. In cases where you don’t have direct access to a hand-washing facility, you can use hand sanitiser to effectively remove bacteria from your hands, providing you with clean hands to proceed with tasks such as eating. Our 500ml hand sanitiser is perfect as it kills 99.9% of bacteria, offering protection at your workplaces, schools, or other spaces!

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