Nappy Disposal Services

Nappy disposal bins are a crucial part of any washroom that offers baby changing facilities; in fact, it's a legal requirement. Nappy waste must be kept secure, as you can't flush nappies, and those bad smells need to be locked away.

Nappy Disposal Bins
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Nappy Disposal Bins

Safe, convenient and hygienic nappy disposal

  • Easy to wipe down design
  • Sloped lid prevents items being placed on top, reducing risk of breakage
  • Pedal operated for hygienic, no touch disposal of waste
  • Discreet, low friction modesty flap hides bin contents from view
  • Patented bio-card that sanitises the bin from the inside out
  • Bin liners made from recyclable plastic
  • Bin can be recycled at the end of its life
  • All nappy waste is incinerated for energy, no waste goes to landfill

Capacity: 60 litre

Dimensions: H 764mm x W 440mm x D 416mm

Materials: ABS plastic

Weight: 5.14kg

Colours: White, grey, yellow

Nappy Disposal Bins For Your Commercial Washroom

Our commercial nappy bins are easy to wipe down and feature a modesty flap that hides the contents from view. Our nappy disposal bins feature our patented bio-card, which sanitises the bin from the inside out. All of our bins can be recycled at the end of their life; even our bin liners are fully recyclable! For ultimate hygiene, our nappy bins feature a pedal ensuring no-touch disposal.

We pride ourselves on the fact that no waste goes to landfills; all nappy waste is incinerated for energy. Our priorities at Woosh are our clients and the planet. Get in touch today to find out more about our nappy disposal bins and waste collection services.

Why not download our BLooprint (The Facilities Manager's Guide to Effective Washroom Management)? This guide outlines everything you need to do to effectively manage your washrooms.

Hygienic Nappy Disposal Solution

Changing nappies is necessary, but that doesn't make it any less yucky. With these hygienic nappy disposal bins, you can safely lock up all the nastiness and keep your changing rooms clean and hygienic. With that goal in mind, we've created every aspect of our bins with hygiene in mind. 

They're easy to wipe down.

They use bio-card technology to sanitise the bin from the inside.

They are pedal-operated for hygienic, no-touch disposal.

And much more.

Practical And Stylish Nappy Bins

Stylish is not typically a word you associate with bins. But it will be when you see what our Wooshologists have pulled off. We designed every nappy disposal bin in our range to combine functionality, cleanliness, and aesthetics. Give your baby changing rooms a cosmetic upgrade whilst meeting your legal requirements. 

Nappy Disposal Service

Now you have a brilliant, hygienic place to dispose of your dirty nappies. But what happens next? Properly disposing of this waste can be tricky. That is why we take care of it for you. Our team will regularly collect and safely dispose of your waste. We will keep you stocked on our recyclable bin liners and replace your bins when needed too. There's no need to get your hands dirty (literally or figuratively). Just leave it to our team of eco-friendly waste disposal experts. 

Eco-Friendly Nappy Disposal

At Woosh, we love our planet. We strive to do everything we can to protect it. That is why we consider the environmental impact of every stage of our nappy bin disposal process. This includes how we design the bins and how we handle the waste. That is why our Wooshologists have ensured our bin liners are recyclable. Each bin is, too - they don't just get left in landfills at the end of their life. And even the waste serves a second purpose - we use it to heat Poole Hospital.

Nappy Disposal Bins

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Frequently Asked Questions

What happens to the waste you collect?

We use the waste we collect from our nappy disposal collections to help heat Poole Hospital as part of our Waste to Energy scheme.

How long are your nappy disposal contracts?

We don't tie our customers into long contracts. Instead, we work hard 24/7 to deliver a top-quality service. Our customers stay with us because they love what we do and care for the environment, not because they're tied into a contract.

What's included in your nappy waste disposal service?

Our nappy waste disposal service includes collecting and disposing of your waste (used to heat Poole Hospital), supplying bin liners and replacing your nappy bins where needed.

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