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Sharps Bins
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Sharps Bins

Available in a range of sizes to cover all classifications of sharps disposal. With so many legal requirements for disposing of sharps in the correct manner, let Woosh take the hassle out of sharps disposal

  • Highly Visible yellow units
  • Hard wearing
  • Puncture, Impact, Fluid and Solvent resistant
  • Fully lockable
  • Wall mounted lockable unit available

Construction: Polypropylene

Standards: Approved to UN329

The lids are fully lockable and tamper resistant, and available with either yellow or orange lids to ensure waste compliance. Units with orange lids are for the disposal of sharps excluding those contaminated with medicinal products and their residues. Whereas units with yellow lids are for the disposal of sharps including those contaminated with medicinal products and their residues, including the consignment of waste categorised by the following EWC codes: 18 01 01 / 18 01 03 / 18 01 09 / 18 02 01 / 18 02 02 / 18 02 08

Full range of sizes and specifications to cover every waste category

1.5L (lockable wall unit) 153 x 255 x 125mm 26 x 35mm 

0.6L 230 x 95 x 41mm 40 x 90mm 

3.75L 218 x 176 x 176mm 45 x 77mm 

7L 205 x 248 x 248mm 45 x 77mm 

11.5L 250 x 280 x 280mm 78 x 148mm 

22L 345 x 330 x 330mm 78 x 148mm

Sharps Bins In A Range of Sizes

Working out how to dispose of your sharps can be a minefield. With so many legal requirements surrounding sharps disposal, it's vital to ensure you do so correctly. How about you let Woosh take away the stress? We know all about the dos and don'ts. So, if you choose our sharps bin collection service, you can rest assured you're not breaking any laws. Not only do we provide the sharps bin for you, but we will also collect it and dispose of your sharps in the right way. Hard-wearing, puncture and fluid resistant, and fully lockable- our sharps bin are a super safe way to deal with your needle and syringe waste. Want to find out more about our sharps bin collection service? Contact us, the Wooshologists. Oh, we forgot to mention that we never tie you down with a contract. Why? Because we know we can impress you 24/7. That's just the Woosh way!

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