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You probably don’t pay much attention to toilet roll when you’re buying it for your office or workplace, but we’re sure you soon notice the quality when you use it! First impressions count, you might not realise, but people judge you on your bathroom facilities. It doesn't look great if a company hasn’t bothered to put a toilet roll dispenser on the wall and just has a rogue roll lying about. If you want your employees and visitors to take you seriously, you need to install toilet roll dispensers. *Please note* Woosh, do not accept liability for staff and visitors spending extended time in the bathroom after we upgrade your facilities!

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Toilet Roll Dispensers


Did You Know?

The first toilet paper used was recorded during the Tang Dynasty in China. Later, in 1391, the first modern toilet roll was created for Emperor Ming and his family. The paper was formed in 2ft by 3ft sheets, or family-size, if you will.

We Don’t Know How Lucky We Are…

About four billion people in the world do not use toilet paper (that’s nearly 75% of the world’s population) because it’s too expensive and they do not have adequate plumbing.

How Many Trees?!

It takes about 384 trees to make the toilet paper that one man uses within his lifetime.

Explore Our Commercial Toilet Roll Dispensers

Browse our range of toilet roll dispensers below. We’ve got designs to suit any bathroom design, branding and toilet roll size. Each of our machines is designed with style and practicality in mind. Our Stainless Steel Toilet Roll Dispenser is key lockable and hinged, making it easier to replace the existing roll. The Mercury Jumbo toilet paper dispenser offers additional storage. Its design allows for a full roll alongside a stub roll which helps reduce paper waste and avoids clutter.

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Commercial Toilet Roll Dispensers For Your Workplace

Our sleek toilet roll dispensers keep your toilet roll dry and germ-free all day long. Woosh make your trip to the bathroom as enjoyable as possible; sorry, not sorry for the added breaks your employees will have now! On top of innovative designs, our toilet roll dispensers are eco friendly, because we want to protect our planet before it’s too late.

Reasons Why You Should Choose Woosh

Thanks to our efforts in designing state of the art washroom products that last, we’re actively reducing our strain on the environment. You’re welcome, World! Toilet roll dispensers offer less contamination than loose rolls or open holders. We replace battered products with new equipment, as we’re not keen on servicing unsightly washrooms! So you know your toilet roll dispenser will always look brand spanking new. That’s just how we (toilet) roll at Woosh, get it? And just because we’re too good to you, we will never tie you down with a contract. Seem strange? It’s simply because we know we can impress you 24/7, so you won’t want to leave. Get in touch today to discuss your commercial toilet roll dispenser requirements.

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