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Commercial Entrance Door Mats & Matting Carpet
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Commercial Entrance Door Mats & Matting Carpet

Our entrance floor mats are designed to be anti slip and heavy endurance. They act as a barrier for dirt and moisture so that your building stays as clean as possible.

Our range of high quality, professional entrance matting solutions offers protection against dust, dirt, and bacteria while significantly improving the professional aesthetic of your building entrance.

  • Quality High Twist Nylon
  • Nitrile Rubber Backing
  • 6 Stocked Sizes
  • Gripper or Smooth backing
  • Special Sizes to order
  • No minimum order

The visual design has not overtaken technology in our range of entrance matting solutions. We adopt innovation in everything we do at Woosh.

Construction: Microfibre technology, Nitrile rubber backing

Environmentally Friendly: Made from Econyl (recycled fishing nets), saving the planet with every step.

Sizes: Various sizes available

Boost your workplace safety with Woosh

Are you looking for an effective and professional way to keep dust and dirt out of your business? Entrance mats are the perfect solution to keep your premises looking clean and professional. Commercial entrance mats help your business make a good first impression and provide essential practical health and safety benefits. 

At Woosh Washrooms, we have a vast selection of entrance matting carpets both inside and outside. Our mats are made from durable microfibre technology that not only looks good but also prevents dust and dirt from entering your premises. Poor quality entrance mats can be a breeding ground for bacteria and germs that can easily be carried throughout the business. 

The unique pile construction of our professional mat range offers superior performance every time. We never compromise on functionality or long-term appearance retention. Get in touch to receive a bespoke quote designed for you and start protecting your staff and your building with professional entrance matting.

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Washroom FAQs

Is your Entrance Matting suitable for any size of doorway?

We stock our safety entrance mats in various sizes to ensure everyone can benefit from their use. Simply speak to a member of our Woosh team to find the right size mat for your building.

How often should Entrance Door Mats be replaced?

Our entrance matting carpets are designed to be highly durable and withstand lots of feet day in and day out! They also have long-term appearance retention so you don’t need to worry about them looking like they’ve seen better days. If you take care of them, you should be able to get a good few years out of your mats.

Are your Entrance Mats suitable for accessible washrooms?

Our products are designed with people in mind. We believe everyone should be considered when it comes to having a positive washroom experience. All our entrance door carpeting is suitable for wheelchair access and is installed professionally to avoid any uneven surfaces.

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