Here’s How Our Washroom Services Work.

So you’re weighing up your choices…stay with your current washroom service supplier (better the devil, you know), or is it time to do your research and switch? Here are seven good reasons why you should get in touch with Woosh.

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No Robotic Call Centres - Just Real Life People

We get to know you. You get to know us. You have better things to do with your time than chase after service suppliers not providing what you pay for. Client relationships are pivotal to our business. We know we need to earn your trust. That’s why we do everything within our power to ensure your washrooms are serviced in a timely and conscientious manner. People dealing with people. No empty promises.

We Never Tie You Down With Sneaky Contracts

You’re with us courtesy of the service we provide, not the contract you signed. We don’t do “contracts” per se, so we must impress 24/7. Traditional supplier contracts are designed to tie you down and lock you in even though you’re unhappy. Not Woosh, we offer flexibility, transparency and peace of mind. No smoke and mirrors.

We Take Sustainability Seriously

We’re not just saying this to prove a point -we do genuinely care about the planet, and our washroom services reflect this. We’re proud of everything we do; we don’t just go around hugging trees. All waste collected by us is utilised to heat Poole Hospital. Our air fresheners- well, they contain no nasties. Our floor mats are made from recycled fishing nets- because we disagree with hurting turtles. So if you want to help protect the planet (and the dolphins), choose our Washroom Services.

Providing Washroom Products That Actually Look Good

We’re an innovative bunch at Woosh. We design and deliver bespoke washroom products on demand. Do you want custom-made dispensers in Corian, stainless steel, or wood? You name it; we’ll make it. Our team of product designers, joiners and metal workers will turn our shared ideas into your washroom products.

Replacing Worn Equipment Faster Than You Can Say ‘Woosh’

Washroom products get a hammering throughout your washroom service subscription. It bothers us as much as it will you. So at Woosh, we replace battered products with new equipment, as we’re not that keen on servicing unsightly washrooms! We get a kick out of discovering tired equipment and replacing it before you even realise it—just one more reason to choose Woosh.

We’ll Hold Your Hand The Whole Way - After You’ve Washed Them

We’ll make switching from your current supplier to Woosh simple and easy. Changing suppliers is rarely a piece of cake. If only you could just sign a piece of paper and let someone else do it. We know the struggle, and we will do our very best to guide you through the process, so it goes as smoothly and efficiently as possible.

Our Aim? To Make Your Life Easier

Needs change, and businesses grow. Goalposts shift, as they say. So, we offer a level of customisation we haven’t yet seen matched. Our washroom services are not limited by rigid, outdated practices or processes. We’re smart enough to know how to keep you happy. Happiness is at the foundation of the Woosh promise. We want to make your life simpler with a smiley service.

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