Hand Dryer Mats for Washrooms

Hand Dryer Mats
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Hand Dryer Mats

Hand dryer mats help to create a safer washroom environment, reducing health & safety risks in the workplace.

  • Eradicate slips in the washrooms with purpose built hand dryer mats... hygiene doesn't stop at hands.
  • Our mats are made with ECONYL® yarn*

*ECONYL Yarn is regenerated nylon made from recovered nylon waste. This waste is often from fishing nets from the ocean, fabric scraps from mills, and carpets destined for landfills. Our mats help you and the environment. They help to keep your washroom floors clean while working to clean up the oceans too.

Dimensions: 60 x 30cm semi-circle shaped mats

Construction: Made from regenerated nylon, ECONYL yarn

Ensure Safer Washrooms With Woosh

Are you struggling to choose a hand dryer mat because the choice is just so superb? We thought so. Well, choose from Woosh’s wide range. We care about people & the planet and don't want washroom experiences to end with a slip and fall. This is why our hand dryer mats are high-quality and quick drying. We're eradicating falls, one washroom at a time. Just when you thought our washroom mats couldn't get any better...they're eco-friendly.

At Woosh, we care about the planet. And you should too. Our mats are made with ECONYL® yarn—regenerated nylon from waste such as fishing nets and carpets destined for landfills. So, if you'd like to find out more about the best hand dryer mats, get in touch with us. We are dedicated to keeping washrooms clean, alongside cleaning up the ocean too.

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Hand Dryer Mats

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you make your hand dryer mats bespoke?

Our mats come in a standard size made to fit under any regular bathroom hand dryer. They are semicircle-shaped with 60x30cm dimensions. Simply place your mat underneath your hand dryer and it will absorb any excess moisture that would otherwise be on the floor, causing a potential slip hazard.

How often should hand dryer mats be replaced?

If you notice any damage or your mats become worn down over time, then we recommend replacing them. Always ensure that they are working well and absorbing moisture effectively.

Can your hand dryer mats be recycled?

Here at Woosh, we want to take care of people and the planet. Our hand dryer mats are eco-friendly and made from ECONYL yarn. This product is produced from recycled materials such as discarded fishing nets and fabric cuttings previously destined for landfills.

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