Ultra Fast Commercial Hand Dryer

Ultra Fast Hand Dryer
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Ultra Fast Hand Dryer

Any heavy-duty environment needs a commercial hand dryer that can keep up. Our Ultra Fast commercial hand dryer can achieve exactly that, with an impressive 10 second drying time! No touch is required to activate the hot air, so it is delightfully hygienic. Germs can’t linger when there aren’t any buttons! Additionally, the machine boasts a steel cover so you can be confident it’ll withstand any setting. 

Upgrade the aesthetic and the effectiveness of your washroom facilities with our luxurious, Ultra Fast commercial hand dryer. You’ll benefit from a soft start, a 60-second automatic stop function to ensure you aren’t wasting electricity and a unique blue dry zone indicator. And just as you supposed it couldn’t get any better, there’s more. With this model, the motor speed is adjustable and can reach 18,000 rpm.

We’re confident you’ll fall in love with your new dryer, so you can enjoy a year of free warranty on us.

Fast Dryer -Automatic no-touch hand dryer for heavy duty applications.

  • 10 second drying time
  • Unique blue dry zone indicator
  • Steel cover: steel
  • Insulation earthed class 1
  • Infrared automatic operation
  • 60 second auto shut off
  • Motor speed ajdustable
  • Motor: Max 18, 000 rpm brushed motor
  • Soft start

Dimensions: H277 W201 D175mm

Weight: 6.6kg (packaged)

Airflow: 116m3/h

Heater Element :450 - 900w, adjustable/On/Off

Standard: GS Approved & IP23 Rated

Ultra Fast Hand Dryer

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