Soap - Anti Bacterial

Soap - Anti Bacterial
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Soap - Anti Bacterial

Bacerial hand wash

  • Rich, creamy lather with thorough cleansing action
  • Neutral pH, mild and gentle to skin
  • Contains moisturiser to protect skin
  • Contains emollients for added skin protection
  • Unperfumed, ideal for use in the food industry

Size: 5L

pH-Undiluted: 7.5

Composition: Contains a blend of aqua, sodium laurethsulphate, cocamide DEA, sodium chloride,glycerin, benzyl alcohol,chloromethylisothiazolinone,methylisothiazolinone, CI 42051 and CI 19140

Biodegradability: All surfactants used comply with the current European Regulations concerning biodegradability and protection of the environment.

Quality Assurance: This product is manufacturedin the U.K.  under an ISO 9001

Elevate your hand hygiene standards with our premium antibacterial hand soap. It's hygienic, kind on the skin, environmentally friendly, and available in bulk.

Our Wooshologists have crafted industry-defining soap dispensers. They look amazing and make your washroom stand out. So it's only right to fill them with the best hand soap. 

Luxurious hand soap that is good for your skin

Our antibacterial hand soap creates a luxurious, rich lather for a thorough cleansing experience, ensuring a deep and effective clean every time. With a neutral pH, this soap is incredibly gentle on the skin. It is infused with moisturiser to nourish your skin, leaving it feeling soft, smooth, and protected.

Buy hand soap in bulk

With Woosh's hand soap, you can rest assured that your customers and employees are using a product that promotes hygiene and health. We offer it in bulk quantities for businesses looking to stock up on this essential product. 

Imagine a customer using your soap dispenser only to find it empty. Disastrous! Thankfully, you never have to worry about that with Woosh. We provide bulk ordering for our antibacterial hand soap, ensuring your washroom consistently impresses.

Why buy hand soap in bulk?

Cost Efficiency: Purchasing in larger quantities often means lower per-unit costs, which can significantly reduce your overall expenses.

Consistent Supply: Running out of hand soap is inconvenient and unhygienic. Bulk ordering ensures you'll have a steady and reliable supply, so you're never caught off guard.

Fewer Deliveries: Bulk orders mean less frequent reordering and fewer deliveries, which lowers your carbon footprint.

Less Packaging: Fewer individual containers mean less packaging waste, contributing to a more eco-friendly approach to your washroom management.

Give your customers and employees an enjoyable washroom experience. Order your hand soap today.

Soap - Anti Bacterial

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Frequently Asked Questions

Your hand soap is incredible. Do you have a stylish dispenser to put it in?

Absolutely. Our Wooshologists have conjured up a whole range of fantastic soap dispensers. They all look great and are sure to enhance your washroom.

How long are Woosh’s hand soap restocking contracts?

At Woosh, we steer clear of binding contracts. It's our luxury hand soaps and unparalleled customer service that keep our customers coming back. Our washroom restocking services are in a league of their own. As long as people wash their hands – and we really hope they do – we know you'll choose us to supply and refill your hand soap.

How does Woosh help the environment?

Doing our bit for the environment is what we're all about. That (and our incredible products and unmatched customer service) is why our customers love us so much. We have several sustainability initiatives, such as repurposing collected waste to provide heat for Poole Hospital and offering bulk orders to minimise packaging and deliveries. All our products are free of harmful chemicals, and we prioritise recycling by using discarded fishing nets to create eco-friendly floor mats. These are just a few examples of our comprehensive approach to caring for our planet.

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