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Here at Woosh, we are passionate about taking the pong out of urinals while helping to protect your pipework. We’re all familiar with that pungent aroma of urine that seems almost exclusive to the male washrooms. We’re not blaming anyone but are determined to fix the problem. Our urinal sanitiser products will help to keep your bathroom smelling fresh by killing the smelly bacteria.

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Did you know...

The urinal dates back to the 9th century. The U.S. industrial revolution made urinals famous. Factories hired hundreds of men, which meant large areas of the factory floor had to be designated for restrooms. By installing urinals, less restroom space was necessary.

Nothing's worse than dirty urinals

…except possibly a fly in your soup. Luckily, our urinal sanitiser has the power to dispel pongs.

Avoiding Splashback

Nobody likes splashback. Fortunately, we have a range of urinal mats with a built-in anti-splash. It works; we've tested it.

Urinal Mats & Sanitiser Products

Our urinal care is something to write home about. Okay, maybe not so much, but it's pretty good if you ask us. That's because, at Woosh, we care about hygiene and the planet. We're helping reduce plastic waste by designing products that last and using biodegradable surfactants. Our urinal sanitiser removes that lingering smell in washrooms. You know the one- well, wave goodbye to that funky scent. Choose Woosh, and we'll get your washroom smelling somewhat like roses. We can't avoid the topic of splashback. It happens, whether we like it or not. Our urinal mats prevent this awkward encounter while also eliminating nasty odours. Want to find out more about our urinal mats & sanitiser? Get in touch today. We're friendly, promise!

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A Guide to the Best Smelling Urinals

Get It Clean

Urine build up is no joke; you best believe it will let you know about it when it’s there! The first step to tackling this malodour is to thoroughly clean in and around the urinal bowl with an extra-strength disinfectant.

Check the Floor

No one is perfect. Urine can be found in more than just the urinal bowl.

Ensure you mop the surrounding floor to clean up any rogue mess!

Add a Bit of Scent

Prevention is better than cure when it comes to urinal pong. An enzyme-based deodoriser can help ensure the bad smells don’t make an unwanted return! Urine caps and sanitisers minimise uric scale build-up and banish unpleasant odours.


Do your urinal caps fit any urinal?

Our urinal products are based on the standard-sized UK urinal. They are made to fit any urinal and provide good quality defence from malodour, splashback, and limescale build-up.

Can you come and fit your urinal sanitiser products?

You don’t have to worry about installing any of our urinal items yourself. Our Wooshologists are experts at washrooms. We will fit everything you require to keep your washroom at its best! You can also call us out to replace any broken or old equipment.

Are your urinal products eco-friendly?

Planet earth is number one on our list of priorities here at Woosh. We ensure all our products are kind to the environment while providing the functionality and style that every washroom should have. Our urinal water management systems reduce water consumption by up to 80%.

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