Urinal Mats

Enhance your washrooms by implementing urinal mats to create a more welcoming and hygienic restroom. With a scent that lasts for over 60 days, you can guarantee your washroom will maintain that fresh and clean smell, offering a pleasant environment. Plus, our anti-splash urinal mats remove any splashback, ensuring your washroom remains hygienic for longer.

Urinal Mats
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Urinal Mats

With a combination of urinal scenting and anti-splash technology, your washrooms will remain sanitary for longer. Sealed bristles eliminate any urine backsplash, preventing the spread of bacteria. Designed with minimum plastic and maximum fragrance.

  • Sealed bristles eliminating urine backsplash in a urinal
  • Eliminates washroom odours
  • Infused with a proprietary resin that uses timed-release deodorant technology
  • Lasts twice as long as other screens on the market - over 60 days!
  • Emits a fresh, clean scent 
  • Designed for heavily trafficked public restrooms such as those found in hotels, convention centres, restaurants, and hospitals 
  • Perfect for waterless urinals

Environmentally Friendly: Lasts twice as long as standard urinal mats, thus reducing plastic waste

Colours: Available in a wide range of colours

Install Urinal Mats for a More Welcoming Washroom 

No one wants to use a washroom that doesn’t look and smell hygienic! With urinal mats, you don’t have to worry. Our urinal mats have a fresh and clean scent powerful enough to eliminate even the strongest of odours. By incorporating sealed bristles, you don’t need to worry about urine backsplash either. This patented sealed bristle technology ensures no urine is splashed onto the floor, reducing the spread of bacteria and bad odours. Plus, our anti-splash urinal mats last twice as long as standard mats, helping you reduce your plastic waste. 

With a range of colours and scents to choose from, you can decide what your washroom smells like. With our range of different scents or a simple, fresh smell, you can guarantee your customers will leave your washrooms with a positive impression.

Upgrade Your Washroom with Anti-Splash Urinal Mats

Washrooms are the number one place you want to feel sanitary and fresh. Installing anti-splash urinal mats gives you the peace of mind that your customers feel clean when leaving your washrooms. For other ways to enhance your restrooms, why not take a look at our soap dispensers or hand dryers to ensure your customers leave with a lasting impression of your washroom? Get in touch with our Wooshologists today to find out how we can upgrade your washrooms.

Urinal Mats

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the purpose of urinal mats?

Urinal mats eliminate any odours and prevent splashback from the urinal. This creates a cleaner and more hygienic washroom as bacteria is no longer spread from puddles of urine from the floor and any offensive smells are removed from the air.

How often do you change urinal mats?

Standard urinal mats should be changed every 30 days or when they become saturated and lose their effectiveness. This could be even shorter in high-traffic areas. However, our urinal mats are designed to last for over 60 days! This urinal mat has been created with high-traffic washrooms in mind, meaning even with the busiest washrooms, you won’t have to change these urinal mats as often as others on the market, reducing the amount of plastic waste you produce.

How do you keep urinals from smelling?

Urinals don’t always have to smell. With the use of urinal mats, you can experience a fresh-smelling washroom in no time. Simply place a urinal mat at the bottom of the urinal and instantly smell the fresh and clean scent they release. Our urinal mats also come in a range of scents from apple to berry, citrus, and even fresh, so you can ensure your washroom smells inviting. Get in touch with us today to maintain a clean-smelling washroom!

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