Urinal Sanitisers

Maintain a fresh-smelling washroom with a urinal sanitiser from Woosh. Used to fight odours produced by bacteria and limescale build-up, our urinal sanitisers leave a lasting positive impression on your washroom users.

Urinal Sanitisers
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Urinal Sanitisers

Made with an environmentally friendly enzyme-based cleaner and deodoriser, keep your washrooms clean without compromising the environment. 

Our urinal sanitisers are discrete and minimalistic in design. We all know that pungent smell that sometimes lingers in urinals. Caused by the build-up of limescale, mineral deposits, and bacteria, these offensive smells can be removed by simply installing urinal sanitisers.

  • Eliminates washroom odours
  • Provides a clean, fresh fragrance
  • Breaks down uric scale and salt
  • Wires are hidden to prevent tampering
  • Battery operated, meaning no hard wiring is required
  • Enzyme-based cleaner with an eco-friendly formulation
  • Totally biodegradable surfactant derived from coconut oil
  • Harmlessly digests odour-causing substances such as urine and fatty acids rather than using chemicals

Stock colours: ABS white, black and chrome

Materials: Dispenser- polypropylene, Cover- ABS, Lens: polycarbonate

Create an Inviting Washroom with Urinal Sanitisers

There’s nothing worse than going to the washroom and being welcomed by an unpleasant smell. With urinal sanitisers, you don’t have to worry about this! Our urinal sanitisers are made from eco-friendly cleaning substances that effectively remove limescale build-up and bacteria, leaving you with stain-free and hygienic urinals. 

The modern design of our urinal sanitiser casing provides a stylish look without drawing too much attention, offering a discrete method of sanitising the urinal. The battery-operated system also allows you to install our urinal sanitisers wherever suits you, providing full flexibility in your washroom design. 

Transform Your Washrooms with Woosh

At Woosh, we strive to protect our planet by making washrooms more eco-friendly. Commonly associated with harsh chemicals, washrooms have a bad reputation in the world of environmental protection. That’s why our Wooshologists have created an eco-friendly alternative to urinal sanitisers. Our enzyme-based cleaner, made with a biodegradable surfactant derived from coconut oil, provides an effective urinal sanitiser without polluting the environment. 

For more ways to elevate your urinal stations to be more eco-friendly, take a look at our urinal care range. From bio-enzymatic urinal screens to our waterless urinal service, we can help you upgrade your washrooms. Get in touch with us today for more information on how we can transform your washroom.

Urinal Sanitisers

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do you sanitise a urinal?

Urinal sanitisers can be used to help maintain a clean urinal while helping to prevent limescale build-up and bacteria to keep the urinal smelling fresh and prevent blockages. You should also implement a regular cleaning schedule and ensure you use disinfectant, scrubbing the surface of the urinal for maximum cleanliness. If you are using a traditional urinal, make sure you flush it regularly to remove urine.

How do you keep your urinal from smelling?

Urinals can be treated with a urinal sanitiser and scented urinal mats to maintain a clean smell and remove offensive odours between cleanings. Our urinal sanitiser comes in a clean, fresh fragrance, leaving a good, lasting impression on your washroom users.

What is the preventive maintenance of a urinal?

Regular cleaning and maintenance is the best way to maintain your urinals. Regular cleaning will remove any limescale build-up or blockages that can cause plumbing issues in the future. Additionally, maintenance is a great way to check for any damage to the urinal, including leaks and cracks. Using a urinal sanitiser is another form of preventative maintenance as it actively removes any limescale build-up and bacteria, providing a better-smelling washroom and long-lasting urinals.

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