Urinal Sanitisers

Urinal Sanitisers
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Urinal Sanitisers

Environmentally friendly enzyme based cleaner and deodoriser

Our urinal sanitisers are discrete and minimalistic in design. We all know that pungent smell that might linger in urinals? That would be uric scale build-up, bacteria’s other half, and the culprit behind malodour and clogged urinal pipes.

  • Eliminates washroom odours
  • Provides a clean fresh fragrance
  • Breaks down uric scale & salt
  • Wires hidden to prevent tampering
  • Battery operated, no hard wiring required
  • Enzyme base cleaner, eco friendly formulation
  • Totally biodegradable surfactant derived from coconut oil
  • Harmlessly digests odour causing substances such as urine and fatty acids rather than using chemicals

Stock colours: ABS white, black and chrome

Materials: Dispenser- polypropylene, Cover- ABS, Lens: polycarbonate

Urinal Sanitisers

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