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Effective hand hygiene shouldn’t end with you washing your hands. Bacteria can be picked up almost anywhere! Having hand sanitiser stations at the ready will help you ensure your hands are germ-free and prepared to tackle anything!

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Hand Sanitisers


Did you know...

People have used alcohol as a sterilising agent long before it was used to keep hands clean, as it is today. Alcohol is derived from the ancient Egyptian substance al kohl. They used al kohl to treat eye infections 5,000 years ago. Its effective germ-killing properties have made it a popular ingredient in cleaning and antibacterial products ever since.

Bugs, bacteria, and viruses all like catching a ride on hands

Multitudes of nasties are transferred with every handshake. That's where our sanitisers can help. They prevent stomach upsets, flu, MRSA, and other nasty viruses that can keep people off work.

Effective hand sanitiser without the dry hands

All of our hand sanitisers are >70% alcohol. This makes them great for cleansing and disinfection and protection against bacteria while keeping hands feeling fresh, soft, and moisturised. We use aloe vera in all our sanitisers to protect the hands even with frequent use.

Upgrade Your Hand Sanitiser Stations With Woosh

We've all upped our hand sanitiser game. This hasn’t gone unnoticed here at Woosh, so we’ve designed hand sanitiser dispensers, stations &holders like no other. Wall mounted, portable, branded - we've got it all. You've never seen hand sanitiser stations like it. You can customise our (automatically dispensing) premium hand sanitising stations to fit your branding. You didn't know you needed branded sanitiser dispensers until now. Ergonomically designed, battery-operated, and easy to fill. Hygiene standards have never been more accessible. Maybe portable hand sanitiser is what you're after? No worries, we've got hand gel and sanitiser spray in various sizes—effective hand hygiene on the go. If you have any questions about our products, please contact us. To find out how to effectively manage washrooms, download the ultimate guide - the first edition of our BLooprint.

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What should I do if my sanitiser dispenser breaks?

Here at Woosh, we understand that accidents happen to the best of us. Washroom products that are used day in and day out take a hammering. We make it our responsibility to ensure your washroom always looks and performs at its best. We’ll replace any unsightly broken hand sanitiser dispenser with a brand new one!

Are your hand sanitisers suitable for sensitive skin?

Although it’s highly effective, alcohol can be an extremely drying ingredient. The pandemic has proven a challenge for our hands, but you shouldn’t have to choose between protecting yourself from germs or protecting your skin. We use a gentle blend in our sanitiser gels, with >70% alcohol and aloe vera for added moisture. You can find tips & tricks for taking care of your hands on our blog.

Can your automatic hand sanitiser dispensers be customised?

Yes. All of our Woosh hand sanitiser dispensers are fully customisable. You can incorporate your company logo and branding to create a seamless washroom experience. We also have a choice of materials so you can decide which one suits your bathroom best. Out dispensers are available in various sizes, so you can sanitise in even the smallest spaces.

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