Woosh Bespoke 360 Sanitary Bin (Available in Manual & Auto)

Woosh Bespoke 360 Sanitary Bin (Available in Manual & Auto)
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Woosh Bespoke 360 Sanitary Bin (Available in Manual & Auto)

Beautifully designed to compliment the aesthetics of your washroom. The concept behind our bespoke sanitary bins are to be discreet in design and in use. We design bins that are hygienic and offer convenience for the user. Our unique 360 bin was designed and manufactured by us.

We designed this bin after feedback from many hundreds of clients who complained that traditional sanitary bins were awkward to use, too bulky and were after different finish options. Woosh designed, manufactured and patented the 360 Bin to ensure it compliments any space it’s in.

  • Sits back behind the toilet seat
  • Non obtrusive design
  • Bin design means waste evenly fills the bin
  • More hygienic due to smooth surface area
  • Patented bio-card that sanitises the bin from the inside out
  • Bin liners made from recycled plastic
  • Bin can be fully recycled at the end of its life
  • All sanitary waste is incinerated for energy, no waste goes to landfill
  • Capacity: 15L
  • Dimensions: 600mm high x 200mm round (widest at top) or 145mm round (at base)

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