Dual Feminine Vending Machine

Dual Feminine Vending Machine
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Dual Feminine Vending Machine

The Dual Vend is an electronic washroom vending machine designed to be versatile and elegant. The Multivend is fully automatic and has a digital display indicating price, stock availability and service requirements.

  • Secure electronic operation
  • Out of stock indicator
  • Accepts 12 different coins
  • Does not provide change
  • Refund Button
  • Self-contained, battery powered - no mains wiring
  • Anti-vandalism lock

Material:: Available in ABS white and steel white or silver

Dimensions: Height 705mm, Width 360mm, Depth 100mm

Weight: 10.6kg

Feminine Product Vending Machines

Introducing the Dual Feminine Vending Machine – your washroom's new BFF! Ladies, we get it. Traditional vending machines in washrooms have always been a little uninspiring. But fear not, because we've got you covered with our Dual Feminine Vending Machine, designed with love by women, for women! 

Make bulky, awkward, and unpleasant vending machines a thing of the past. Our Wooshologists have created practical tampon vending machines that would look good in even the most elegant washrooms. These sleek and stylish feminine product vending machines enhance your whole washroom's aesthetic whilst ensuring easy access to essential hygiene products. 

Vending Machine Hygiene Products

Tampon vending machines are only as good as the hygiene products they're stocked with. That's why we work hard to ensure your vending machine is kept stocked with the best feminine hygiene products. 

Never worry about running out of essentials again! We'll handle the refills and ensure your washroom is always well-stocked. Do you enjoy some of our other great products, such as soap dispensers and toilet roll holders? We'll combine all your refills into one delivery to reduce our carbon footprint as part of our commitment to the environment. 

Dual Feminine Vending Machine

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Frequently Asked Questions

Are Woosh Tampon Vending Machines Eco-Friendly?

Absolutely, our feminine hygiene product vending machines are eco-friendly. Everything our Wooshologists conjure up is made with the environment in mind. They are built to last and are backed up by eco-friendly restocking and waste removal services. We combine our refill deliveries for all your Woosh products (and work our installation and repairs into the same trips) to lower our carbon footprint.

Do You Replace Damaged Sanitary Vending Machines?

Our vending machines are durable, but some wear and tear can be expected. Rest assured that we're here to address any issues promptly. Whether it's repairs or a full replacement, the Woosh team is committed to ensuring that your feminine product vending machines work and look fantastic. We're dedicated to keeping your vending machine and washroom in excellent condition.

How long are Woosh's Vending Machine restocking contracts?

Are you dreading signing the dotted line and being locked into an inescapable contract? Don't be. That's not how we do things at Woosh. When you choose a Woosh feminine hygiene vending machine, you do so because they're the best. We have the same approach to our restocking and repair services. We don't tie you down with a contract - we just offer an unbeatable service, so you never want to leave.

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