Woosh Luxury Liquid Soap Dispenser (500ml)

Woosh Luxury Liquid Soap Dispenser (500ml)
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Woosh Luxury Liquid Soap Dispenser (500ml)

Choose from an array of fresh and stylish colours, including exclusive options like Chrome brushed, Chrome high gloss, and Gold, to enhance your washroom aesthetics.

  • Variable dosage levels from 0.4 to 2ml Invisible lock system, no key needed
  • Available in a variety of fresh and stylish colours
  • 4-in-1 system with unlimited possibilities for different types of soap, surface cleaner, hand sanitiser and other liquids related to skincare, cleaning and hygiene
  • Stock indicator

Refill Volume: 500 ml

Weight: 360g

Dimensions: (L x W x H): 203 x 107 x 117 mm

Body material: ABS, POM

Available body colours: White, Black

Exclusive body colours: Chrome brushed, Chrome high gloss, Gold

Woosh's luxury liquid soap dispenser is the perfect addition to any bathroom. Made by our Wooshologists, this soap dispenser combines functionality and style to give your commercial washroom a sanitary hand-cleaning solution and facelift all in one. 

Practical Soap Dispenser Design

Our luxury soap dispenser is packed with excellent functional design options. Our Wooshologists have worked hard to ensure our commercial soap dispensers provide the best experience for you, your employees, customers and guests. From effortless refilling to perfectly measured dispensing - we've thought of it all. 

This dispenser offers variable dosage levels from 0.4 to 2ml, ensuring a personalised and efficient handwashing experience. Dispense precisely what you need for clean hands without waste. The versatile 4-in-1 system accommodates various liquids, from hand soap to surface cleaner, hand sanitiser, and more. And managing hand soap refills is easy with the stock indicator. Refilling is particularly convenient thanks to the invisible lock system, which adds a touch of security without needing keys. 

Order Luxury Liquid Soap Dispensers Today

Discover the perfect blend of practical design and aesthetic appeal with our luxury liquid soap dispensers. Their sleek design and functionality culminate in a seamless handwashing experience. Elevate your space while emphasising the crucial role of handwashing in maintaining hygiene. Call now to speak with a Wooshologist and order your commercial hand soap dispensers

Woosh Luxury Liquid Soap Dispenser (500ml)

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you offer hand soap for your soap dispensers?

Absolutely! We provide a comprehensive range of antibacterial hand soaps and hand sanitisers perfectly suited for your soap dispenser. Our soaps effectively combat unwanted germs, offer skin protection and are environmentally friendly. Speak to a Wooshologist about our hand soap refill services to guarantee you never run out.

How long are Woosh's hand soap refill contracts?

At Woosh, we steer clear of binding contracts. Our customers continue to use our hand soap because our luxury dispensers deserve only the best, and our hand soap is exactly that - the best. It's eco-friendly and kind to skin, and it's delivered by our incredible and friendly team of Wooshologists.

Does Woosh replace damaged soap dispensers?

Certainly! At Woosh, we prioritise maintaining pristine washrooms. If your soap dispenser gets damaged, we will swiftly replace it with a brand-new one. Our commitment to ensuring a fresh and inviting washroom experience means we proactively swap worn equipment, often before you even notice it. It's one of the many reasons to choose Woosh for a well-maintained washroom.

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