Centrefeed Hand Towel

Centrefeed Hand Towel
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Centrefeed Hand Towel

From hand drying to cleaning, centrefeed white rolls are perfect for any situation. For hand drying, centrefeed rolls can be a great option for drying your hands faster whilst saving on cost. When combined with a centrefeed roll dispenser, these hand towels are easily dispensed, presenting a new towel for the next person and reducing cross-contamination.

For cleaning purposes, a centrefeed roll is highly versatile in its uses. Used with or without a dispenser, this white roll can be handy for cleaning surfaces or mopping any spillages, making it quick and easy to use.

  • 2 Ply White Centrefeed Roll
  • 100m x 200mm x 45mm
  • Suitable for all washroom environments

Size: 100m x 200mm x 45mm

Ply: 2

No Washroom is Complete Without a Centrefeed Roll

Don’t let your customers have to shake their hands to dry off. Customers should be presented with at least one effective hand drying option. Whether that be hand towels or hand dryers,these should be readily available to anyone who uses your washrooms.

With our white centrefeed rolls, you can allow your customers to have dry hands before exiting the washroom as hands are often left dryer when using a hand towel. This also reduces the risk of spreading bacteria due to residual water left on a person’s hands.

There’s also nothing worse than going to grab a hand towel to dry your hands and finding the previous person has left a wet pile of hand towels. Our centrefeed rolls offer a more economical option, especially when paired with a centrefeed dispenser, providing washroom users with the perfect number of paper towels to dry their hands with.

If you're struggling to decide between paper towels or electric hand dryers for your business - read our guidance on which is best: hand towels or hand dryers.

If you already have a hand drying option, you still need centrefeed rolls for your washrooms! These highly versatile paper towels can be used for any cleaning situation. From cleaning surfaces, polishing mirrors, or even wiping up spills, our 2 ply white centrefeed rolls are the ideal cleaning partner to help you leave your washroom spotless.

Centrefeed Hand Towel

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Centrefeed roll?

Centrefeed roll is a type of paper towel that can be used in many different ways. The term “centrefeed” relates to the method by which the roll is dispensed. These rolls can either be used like kitchen rolls or be dispensed from the centre of the roll, hence centrefeed. This makes this type of paper towel perfect for washroom environments and any cleaning needs.

What is Centrefeed roll used for?

As centrefeed roll is a dry product, it can be very versatile. Ideal for drying hands, a centrefeeed roll is essential for washrooms. However, hand drying isn’t the only use for centrefeed roll. It is also perfect for cleaning and even polishing. Whether your washroom surfaces need cleaning or mirrors need polishing, centrefeed rolls are a must-have in your washrooms.

How do you use Centrefeed roll?

To use a centrefeed roll is simple. You can either unravel the roll like a kitchen roll or feed the paper towels out from the centre of the centrefeed roll. If you opt for the second option, you need to remove the cardboard from the centre of the roll and pull the centre paper towels out to begin dispensing. You can also pair your centrefeed roll with a centrefeed dispenser to make distributing paper towels easier.

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