Micro Jumbo Toilet Roll

Micro Jumbo Toilet Roll
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Micro Jumbo Toilet Roll

Our bulk toilet rolls are ideal for any commercial washroom. Meet the washroom demands of your busy shop, restaurant, or office. Pair with a toilet roll dispenser from our range for a truly seamless experience.

  • 2 Ply White Toilet Roll
  • 125m

Colour: White

Length: 125M

Bulk Order Commercial Toilet Roll

That's right, we've brought our commitment to washroom excellence to one of the most fundamental parts of any bathroom - toilet paper. Our high-quality commercial toilet roll is supplied in bulk, so you never have to worry about running out. 

Say goodbye to those awkward, "Oh no, it's empty!" moments! Make sure you're prepared to tackle even your busiest days. Give your employees, visitors, customers and more the washroom experience they deserve by staying stocked up with the essentials. Whether you're running a busy office, a bustling restaurant, or a hectic store, we've got your backside covered!

A well-stocked washroom makes everyone's experience nicer, while an understocked one is simply disastrous. We know which experience we'd prefer to provide our employees and customers, and we're sure you do too. 

We are committed to making every washroom we work with look and feel great. If you've filled your washrooms with our impeccable toilet roll holders, soap dispensers and more, you've raised the bar. Ensure you live up to your first impressions by being well-stocked with our wholesale toilet rolls. 

Ensuring your washroom is stocked up with sufficient toilet roll is to ensure your commercial toilets are adequate. Actually, it's one of the rating factors for the 'Loo of The Year Award'.

Micro Jumbo Toilet Roll

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Frequently Asked Questions

How long are Woosh's bulk toilet roll restocking contracts?

At Woosh, we don't rely on contracts to keep our customers coming back. We rely on fantastic products and excellent customer service. Our commercial toilet rolls and restocking service are truly unbeatable. So we know as long as people keep using toilet paper - and we think they will - you'll keep choosing us to supply it.

Your toilet paper is incredible. Do you have a stylish dispenser to put it in?

As a matter of fact, we do. In addition to a wide range of consumables, including toilet paper, hand soap, and paper towels, we provide a selection of dispensers and more. Our Wooshologists' creations include functional and stylish toilet roll holders, soap dispensers and sanitary bins, to name a few.

Do you service your toilet roll holders?

As well as installing and restocking our brilliant toilet roll dispensers, we offer repairs and servicing. We can even replace your toilet roll dispenser if needed. And, because we love the environment, we combine our services, making repairs when we deliver your toilet paper to cut down our carbon footprint.

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