What Actually Makes A Toilet Clean (Loo Of The Year Awards)

Public toilets can be a gamble. You never know whether you will be pleasantly surprised or filled with regret. Let’s face it; we’ve all been there when you need to use the toilet and have to navigate your way around a filthy washroom that doesn’t look like it’s been cleaned since it was built. The truth is, it’s not hard to keep a toilet clean, and some even compete to be the best in the business.

This is where the national Loo Of The Year Awards come in. The awards involve inspections of various public toilets around the country, and a winner is decided. It promotes a high standard of washroom cleanliness and functionality, which is what we love to hear. Ultimately, it helps to determine where is good to go and where you might be better off holding on!

What Are the Judging Criteria?

One of the great things about the Loo Of The Year Awards is that they are primarily judged based on user experience. Focussing on how functional a washroom is is more important than ever. Those who are disabled and single parents face many issues when it comes to the functionality of public bathrooms. The Loo Of The Year Awards pushes for a higher standard in public facilities, making them more accessible and pleasant to use.

There are over 100 criteria that each entrant is judged on. We’ve picked out some of the most significant and the most specific! 

Cleanliness - This is a given for any good washroom facility. Establishments are rated on their cleanliness and regular cleaning rota for their bathrooms.

Signage and Communication - Toilets should always be clearly signposted, whether that’s in the street or a restaurant. People need to be able to see where the nearest washroom is and be clearly signposted on the door too.

Urinal User Privacy & Height (Male Toilets) - Privacy should be guaranteed in any bathroom, but it is often overlooked with urinals. At least one lower urinal should be available for younger/ shorter males. 

Adequate Mirrors & Lighting - Sometimes, you’re not using the bathroom to go to the toilet. Whether you’re having a bad hair day or have something stuck in your teeth, having mirrors in a washroom is essential.

Cubicle Size - Cubicles should be easily accessible and provide enough room to move around without feeling claustrophobic.

Colour Of Grab Rails (Accessible Toilets) - Did you know that the grab rails in an accessible washroom should always be a different colour from the wall? This helps to ensure they are always clearly visible.

Air Quality - Bathroom air quality is more important than ever. Many germs and bacteria live in the air, so a bathroom must have a circulating airflow.

Adequate High Volume Nappy Disposal - Babies create a lot of waste! That’s why it’s essential to have enough space to dispose of their nappies and other rubbish.

Are Extras Provided? - Flowers, local information, sanitisers, air fresheners, vending machines etc?

Who Has The Top Loo of 2022?

The lucky winners of this year’s loo awards were no other than the top UK pub chain, JD Wetherspoon. Their toilets pipped others to the post with their cleanliness, accessibility, and generally high standard. Over 820 Wetherspoon establishments across the UK and Ireland achieved high individual inspection ratings. Wetherspoon takes great pride in their loos. They “invest time and money, along with creating great designs, to ensure we provide our customers with excellent toilets”. We can’t get enough of this dedication to thoroughly good facilities!

Britain’s Worst Bogs

Unfortunately, for every great toilet, there are at least two bad ones. According to Google Reviews, London is the place you are almost guaranteed to be faced with a grimey bathroom. Some have no heating, soap, or hot water. With many toilets not even having a seat! This has led people to spread the word and urge people to hold on until they get home if they can. Lambeth Council responded to this outrage and has promised to refurbish and modernise the public toilets in their local area. This is a step in the right direction, but we think giving them a wide berth for a while is best!

Boost Your Bog to Winning Standard

If you are wondering how you can get your toilet looking as good as Wetherspoon’s, then we might just have the answer. Woosh uses the latest, eco-friendly technology to create bespoke washroom facilities that stand out from the rest. The functionality, cleanliness, and style of our washrooms are unparalleled. Take a look for yourself. 

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