Is Your Washroom Damaging Your Business? 7 Ways To Give It A 5 Star Upgrade

When you’re wandering around and examining your office, the toilets are likely the last thing on your mind. We understand that developing the kitchen or the break room feels more exciting, and they’re further up on your list of priorities! After all, every employee and their nan wants a pool table and a super-strong microwave to use at lunch. 

However, it would help if you recognised that hygiene is one of the most critical elements in maintaining a healthy workforce. Your bathrooms reflect how much you value your team, so the bare minimum isn’t enough. With that in mind, is your washroom damaging your business? Here are 7 ways to give it a 5-star upgrade.

1. Start With Lighting

What doesn’t look better in good lighting? We’ll wait. That’s right; everything looks more appealing in an attractive ambience. Switch up your old lighting fixtures from a dull yellow to a healthy glow with brighter, eco-friendly bulbs. Efficient bulbs will save you money in reduced energy costs, but they’ll also add some life back into the dullest of bathrooms.

2. Install A Hand Dryer

Paper towels take up a lot of space in your bathroom, and they don’t look pleasant. Commercial hand dryers are the ideal solution! Not only are they more sanitary since they won’t harbour germs, but an automatic dryer is convenient for staff too. There shall be no more wet wrestling with blue roll once you’ve washed your hands, and isn’t that a relief?

3. Correct Your Cubicles

Over the years, your toilet cubicles have seen some abuse. Locks are likely to be a little wonky, and you may have to handle the occasional patch of graffiti. Repair every element that you can straight away for terrific toilets. It’s also worth assessing the length of cubicle doors inside and double-checking that every stall feels as private as possible. 

4. Splash Out On Soap

Soap is an underrated luxury, and you can make the most of it for a 5-star washroom. Keep your supplies well-stocked throughout the year, and your team will have no reason to complain! Go the extra mile and add some hand lotion and sanitiser alongside each sink. Update your soap dispensers, and move away from slimy bars of soap that belong in the bin.

5. Incorporate A Colour Theme

Very little indicates thoughtfulness more than a decorative theme. Wall tiling, flooring and accessories can all be updated to fit your company colour or any hue that suits your taste! If you’re feeling fancy, you could even display some plants around the bathroom mirror with colour-themed pots. While needing to pop to the loo is unavoidable, you can make the experience prettier— or at least slightly.

6. Freshen The Fragrance

Your washrooms are well maintained, but the scent doesn’t always reflect that. Bleach gets a hard graft of cleaning done, but your team members certainly don’t want to inhale it every time they enter. Consider installing a commercial air freshener so you can pick a delightful fragrance and distract from the wafts of heavy cleaning products. Switch the scent up often, so it’s noticeable the toilet is well maintained!

7. Plan With A Professional

When you’re unsure how to make the most of your space, you don’t have to face refreshing the office washroom alone. One surefire way to secure a 5-star experience for your staff is to ask for professional help. For advice on anything from choosing a hand dryer to organising sanitary bins, contact us at Woosh! Hygiene is always worth the investment, and that’s a promise we’ll stand by