You’re Probably Washing Your Hands Wrong - Here’s How To Do It Properly

September 10, 2021

Now we know what you’re thinking. ‘I’ve been washing my hands for years on end’, or we hope you have, ‘so how on earth could I be doing it wrong?’. The harsh and unsettling reality is that soap doesn’t work instantly, and your lacklustre handwashing technique is leaving you exposed to all kinds of bacteria. 

You’ve got to ensure you’re rubbing your hands with enough soap, in the right places, and for the correct amount of time! But if you’re unsure what top form looks like regarding the soap and your sink, you needn’t panic. Woosh Washrooms are here to help with this thrilling guide to hand washing and how to do it properly.

Thoroughly Wet Your Hands To Begin

That’s right. You can’t get away with a slight splash of water to begin! To achieve a luscious lather with your hand soap, you’ll need to wet your hands thoroughly. Of course, this step may feel self-explanatory, but it’s easy to put the tap on and off far too quickly when you’re in a rush!

Turn your tap off once you’re ready to conserve water during these next steps. 

Add Your Pump Of Liquid Soap

While bar soap is an option, we primarily recommend liquid soap in soap dispensers for the most effective hand washing. Bar soap sits in a puddle of moisture on the side of any sink, which harbours germs. Instead, use a dispenser to pour half a teaspoon’s worth of soap into your palm.

Scrub Both Your Hands Together

Well, you knew this was coming. You’ve got to rub the soap across your hands for it to work any magic. Start by rubbing your palms together, then interlock your fingers to manoeuvre the suds between the gaps of your hands. Scrub underneath your nails as intensely as possible since germs cling there!

..Well? Keep Scrubbing Those Hands

You ought to be going for at least 20 seconds. Make sure you cover the backs of your hands with soap and don’t rush! Water should not be running over your hands while you’re lathering them with soap, or you’re rinsing the product down the drain before it’s had the chance to battle bacteria.

Get Ready To Rinse With Water

Switch that tap back on!

Your suds have done their duty, and you’re infinitely less mucky than you were when you began. Rinse those bubbles down the drain, and rub hands together under the tap to flush any slippery patches that don’t want to disappear. The last thing you need is sticky, soap-covered paws.

Dry Off With Towels Or A Machine

Whether you favour paper towels or electric hand dryers, you need to dry off those hands, or you’ll leave wet prints all over! Do your best to ensure any paper towels you use are clean or you’re sabotaging your work, and give any electrical hand dryer plenty of time to work. 

Finish With Hand Sanitiser And Lotion

We bet you didn’t think about this step, did you? You’ve washed your hands of dirt, but some stubborn bacteria may remain. Ban the little blighters with hand sanitiser and lotion to rehydrate your hands from the abrasive alcohol. Your hands ought to be happy and healthy now!

Keep Your Supplies Stocked Up!

Of course, you can’t wash your hands properly if you’re missing hand soap, or paper towels and hand sanitiser. Stay on top of filling your dispensers, or risk your staff settling on subpar handwashing and spreading sickness. Contact us at Woosh Washrooms for bathroom supplies, including hand sanitisers and electric hand dryers.