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Swiss Air by Woosh

Swiss Air by Woosh is an air purification system that removes harmful pollutants, gases and odours from your indoor air - with style.

Bad smells, volatile organic compounds, traffic pollutants, fine dust, pollen, viruses and bacteria are all around us. Swiss Air removes these pollutants quietly and effectively.

  • Stylishly removes harmful pollutants, gases and odours
  • Integrated air quality indicator changes colour according to gaseous pollution levels
  • Intelligent Auto Mode automatically adjusts fan speed to suit conditions
  • 5 Speeds
  • Night Time Mode
  • Filter Change Indicator
  • 1-7 Hour Timer
  • Specialist German Hepa/Carbon filtration
  • Provides 5 air changes an hour in rooms up to 20m2
  • Ozone Free
  • Automatic Operation
  • Carbon Filtration

Room Size: 21m² (AHAM)*

CADR: 274m³/hr**

Filter Efficiency (Microns): >0.3

Dimensions: (HxWxD): 45 x 33 x 17cm

Weight: 7kg

Energy consumption (watts): 5 to 40

Noise level dB(A): 29-59

Fan Speeds: 5

Air outlet: Top

Air inlet: Front

Swiss Air by Woosh revolutionises your indoor air with elegance. This air purification system, synonymous with our commitment to excellence, removes pollutants and odours. Crafted for efficiency and sophistication, Swiss Air boasts an integrated air quality indicator, intelligent auto mode, and versatile speed settings. Its specialist German Hepa/Carbon filtration ensures the highest quality filtration. Elevate your surroundings with Swiss Air – the pinnacle of air purification technology, setting a new standard in breathing air purification systems.

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Transform your indoor air quality with Swiss Air by Woosh – the pinnacle of air purification. Ready to experience the benefits of cleaner air? Contact Woosh today to place your order and elevate your space with the most advanced air purification system. 

Swiss Air by Woosh

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Frequently Asked Questions

How does air quality affect health?

Prolonged or repeated exposure to poor-quality air can lead to health concerns, including respiratory problems. Polluted air can affect asthmatics and airborne pollen can negatively affect hay fever sufferers. Air quality is also related to mould, which can cause various health issues.

How does the Swiss Air purifiers prevent mould?

Swiss Air purifiers trap airborne mould spores in their advanced filter systems. Furthermore, by controlling the humidity of your washrooms, Swiss Air prevents the conditions mould needs to grow.

Do you have other odour solutions?

Absolutely. We have an incredible range of commercial air fresheners and odour neutralisers. Our range is filled with eco-friendly, odour-busting air fresheners that smell and look fantastic. Pair them with our air purifiers for clean and pleasant-smelling washrooms.

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