HVAC Scenting by Woosh

HVAC Scenting by Woosh
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HVAC Scenting by Woosh

A scenting device that works on the principle of cold evaporation

The gentle and micro-fine misting of exclusive scent compositions guarantees a fast scenting for areas up to 450 m3

  • Comfortable operation via Wi-Fi
  • Scenting intervals programmable to the second
  • Guaranteed a uniform and optimal scenting effect
  • Platinum scent range. Unpleasant odors will be removed quickly and effectively by an absorber in our scents

Dimensions: 200 * 95 * 260 mm

Material: aluminium, black, powder-coated

Location: Woosh scent box will be connected to your HVAC, a 10mm hole will be needed into the ducting for the fragrance pipe to enter with an upwards trajectory

HVAC Scenting by Woosh

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