Woosh Air 250

Experience a fresh-smelling washroom with our Woosh Air 250. Our automatic air freshener can freshen up areas up to 120m3, meaning even the biggest of washrooms can be left smelling clean all day, every day. Our Wooshologists will even install and service your bathroom air freshener, causing no disruption to your day!

Woosh Air 250
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Woosh Air 250

Using the process of cold evaporation, this air freshener releases a micro-fine misting of fresh scents spreading to areas up to 120m3. Any unpleasant odours will be instantly removed and replaced by our exclusive scent compositions.  

The white exterior of this automatic air freshener means the Woosh Air 250 can easily blend into any style of washroom.

  • Built-in multifunction timer, which can be easily accessed by an app via Bluetooth
  • Scents can be programmed to be released down to the second 
  • Even spread of scent around a room 
  • Easy to change scent cartridge 
  • Holds up to 100ml of scent 
  • Battery operated 
  • Platinum scent range
  • Installation, servicing, and scent included

Material: Polyethylene  [is this correct?]

Colour: White

Scent Cartridge Size: 100ml 

Coverage: 120m3

Easily Handle Bad Odours with a Bluetooth Air Freshener 

It can be tedious having to refresh your washrooms every so often manually. So why not automate this process? With an automatic air freshener, you can handle all your air freshening needs from your phone. By connecting your bathroom air freshener to an app via Bluetooth, you can access the built-in multifunction timer, allowing you to easily programme the Woosh Air 250 to whatever schedule you require.

You don’t need to worry about installing the Woosh Air 250 on your own, either. When you purchase a Woosh Air 250, one of our Wooshologists will come to you to install the Bluetooth air freshener, letting you get on with your day. Once installed, simply download the app, schedule your scent times, and experience a fresher washroom instantly. But it doesn’t end here! Our team will come and service your Woosh Air 250 regularly to ensure any issues are resolved quickly and early to prolong the life of your Bluetooth air freshener. 

Elevate the Smell of Your Washrooms with Woosh

Don’t just settle for an unpleasant-smelling washroom; install a Bluetooth air freshener! Combined with a user-friendly app, our automatic air freshener makes clean-scented washrooms look easy. Take just ten minutes to schedule regular scent intervals and watch your bathroom air freshener eliminate bad odours. Sound good? Get in touch with our Wooshologists today, and we can elevate the smell of your washrooms. 

Keep your washrooms smelling and feeling fresh with our air purification systems, hand towel dispensers and more with Woosh

Woosh Air 250

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do automatic air freshener work?

You can easily programme your Woosh Air 250 using an app via Bluetooth. This app allows you to schedule the exact times you want your automatic air freshener to release your chosen scent. Using cold evaporation, a fine mist of scent can diffuse across rooms of up to 120m3. Experience the immediate freshness with a Woosh Air 250.

How often do automatic air fresheners go off?

An automatic air freshener can be programmed to go off as often as you wish. The Woosh Air 250 can be programmed using an app via Bluetooth to activate to the exact time schedule you would like. With its second-precise control, your Bluetooth air freshener will freshen up a washroom easily.

Where do you put automatic air freshener?

Automatic air fresheners should be hung on washroom walls for the optimal diffusion of fresh scent. To get the most out of your bathroom air freshener, place the system at least 3m high so the fine-misting scent can diffuse up to 120m3, filling your washroom with a clean smell.

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