Woosh 350 Fan Air

Woosh 350 Fan Air

Woosh 350 Fan Air
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Woosh 350 Fan Air

Our scenting device operates on the innovative principle of cold evaporation, redefining the way fragrances fill your space. This cutting-edge technology ensures a gentle and efficient release of exclusive scents, creating a harmonious and pleasant atmosphere. Whether it's a commercial or personal space, our device's cold evaporation process guarantees a consistent and delightful scenting experience that's sure to leave a lasting impression.

• A scenting device that works onthe principle of cold evaporation

• The gentle and micro-fine misting of exclusive scent compositions guarantees a fast scenting for areas up to 120 m3

• With a built-in multifunction timer, it can be easily accessed by an app via Bluetooth and quickly programmed

• Scenting intervals programmable to the second

• Guaranteed a uniform and optimal scenting effect

• Platinum scent range. Unpleasant odors will be removed quickly and effectively by an absorber in our scents

• Battery operated

• Installation, servicing and scent included

Size: 240mm x 170mm x45mm

Scent Bottle: 500ml

Batteries: C Cell

Colour: White & Grey

Woosh 350 Fan Air

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