Here’s Why Your Business Should Buy Things In Bulk

If you are looking for ways to make running your business easier and save on costs, the chances are you’ve heard of bulk buying. If you are unsure about bulk buying, you may wish to learn a little more about it. Bulk buying is already a popular tactic for many businesses because of its advantages. Here’s why you should be bulk buying your business supplies and reaping the benefits. What are you waiting for?

What is Bulk Buying?

Don’t worry. We’re not about to insult your intelligence by explaining the term ‘bulk buying’. It is pretty self-explanatory. However, you should be aware of a few different types of buying in bulk, as each has its advantages depending on the items your business requires.

Firstly, there is buying individual products in large quantities. This covers everything from toilet rolls to tea bags to tomato sauce bottles. It involves purchasing products in their usual, retail-sized packaging but ordering lots of them. This is great if you require lots of one kind of product.

Next up, there’s buying products in large quantities, in commercial packaging. These kinds of items are often sold at wholesalers fora discounted price. This is an excellent option for those in the food & restaurant business and for buying refillable items like soap and hand sanitizer.

Lastly is a type of bulk buying that has recently gained more popularity. This involves buying products in whatever quantities you wish from a zero-waste wholesaler. These products will often be charged for by weight, and you will collect as much stuff as required from their large bulk bins.

Benefits of Bulk Buying for Your Business

There is more than one reason why most companies buy in bulk. Even small businesses can reap the benefits of purchasing the products they need in large quantities. But what makes bulk buying so advantageous? Here are some of the ways it could transform your business:

More Economical

If there is any way to save your business money, it’s worthwhile doing it. Buying in bulk can save you a lot of unnecessary expenses on things like delivery costs. Wholesale items sold in large quantities are also cheaper than their retail price. Purchasing supplies for your business in this way will save you a lot of money in the long run.


Time is valuable to any business. Who wants to spend hours a week either shopping for essential business supplies or ordering more products? Bulk buying your supplies will save you hours of wasted time that you can use more productively. This will help to improve business efficiency and allow more time to complete other essential tasks.

Less Environmental Impact

Whether you are getting your bulk items delivered directly to your business or shopping for them yourself, both are much more sustainable options than buying individually. Buying products in bulk saves on packaging and fuel, contributing to lower carbon emissions and reduced waste for your business.

Ensure You Never Run Out!

One of the main reasons businesses choose to bulk buy is to avoid the stress of running low on essential products,or worse, running out entirely! Bulk buying products is a great of mitigating this issue. By making weekly or monthly stock counts, you can see what you might run out of and order plenty more to avoid this. This works particularly well with long-life products and cleaning supplies and soap.

Reduces Waste

Bulk buying is the way forward if you’re looking to reduce your plastic waste. When large quantities of products are sold and distributed, they are packaged differently into individual or fewer items. This uses significantly less packaging. Things such as toilet paper and paper towels are often individually wrapped in plastic when sold as single units. This means each time one is used produces plastic waste.

What Products Should You Buy in Bulk?

When buying bulk, you must consider what it is you are buying. Some products are large and can take up a lot of space, so ensuring you have the storage for these is essential. You also want to consider perishables when buying in bulk. If you know you are unlikely to use large amounts of a product before the use-by date, buying in smaller quantities more regularly is better. It is important to make bulk buying work for you and help you improve your business. Here are some of the products that are most suitable for buying in bulk:

●       A4 Paper

●       Toilet roll

●       Hand soap

●       Paper towels

●       Hand sanitiser

●       Tea & coffee

●       Washing up liquid

●       Cleaning products (bleach, floor cleaner, air fresheners, etc.)


Buying in Bulk For Your Washroom

One of the best features of your business that can benefit from buying in bulk is your washrooms. Whether you run a private office building or a building open to the public, your washrooms require cleaning and stocking up regularly. It is also important to consider the impact this is having on the planet and what you can do to minimise this. To avoid the uproar of running out of toilet paper, bulk buying your products is the answer! Having plenty of cleaning supplies is essential for keeping your washroom clean and safe for its users. From toilet cleaner to hand soap, these products are great for buying in large quantities and storing away for when you need them.

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