Top Washroom Providers In The UK

Your washroom speaks volumes about how your organisation is run and how it values its staff and visitors' needs. Not every public or workplace washroom has to win the Loo of The Year, but some requirements need to be met. The law states that employers must provide employees with adequate toilet and washing facilities, but this doesn’t have to be done alone. Several washroom providers in the UK all offer products and services to help you achieve a pristine washroom. They all also offer additional benefits and focus on improving the world around us one way or another. Let’s check them out!

Here are some of the most renowned washroom providers in the UK and what we think makes them great.


PHS offer complete washroom solutions for organisations wanting to look after their employees and visitors. They are ranked #1 among all washroom hygiene companies in UK, Ireland and Spain. Their workforce of 3,000 expert personnel caters to 122,000 customers in over 300,000 locations. 

Their washroom services can be supplied in several sectors, including: 

  • Pubs, restaurants and cafes 
  • Schools, universities and colleges 
  • Healthcare sector 
  • Leisure businesses 

Period equality for all!

Period poverty affects a vast proportion of the population. PHS has been conducting research on period poverty, how it affects girls and women and what can be done to help. They released a whitepaper in 2019, ‘Period Equality: Breaking down the barriers, which looked at the breakdown of girls and young women facing period poverty. It states that ‘the importance of being able to attend school cannot be overstated. 1 in 7 girls (14%) say they don’t have any period sanitary products available to them, which has risen from 5% since 2019. A shocking 25% of students have had to do without sanitary products during their period - 10% within the last 12 months.’

52% of people think girls should have access to free period products via washroom vending machines

PHS was appointed to the UK Government's official Period Poverty task force to eliminate period poverty. They now offer a variety of period products to suit the needs of everyone. These include period pads, tampons, sustainable, reusable pads and menstrual cups. 52% of people they researched think girls should have access to period products via free vending machines in washrooms. They’re now working with schools and the local authorities to develop free vending machines. These can be easily fitted into washrooms and is convenient and discreet. It distributes products to students without having to ask a teacher or colleague. 

However, the free coin vending machine is not available in primary schools, secondary schools or colleges in England. The products available for the Department for Education scheme do not fit in the vending machines. So, change is coming, but more needs to be done until period poverty no longer exists. 


Initial’s primary focus on washroom services is offering a global service with a local feel. They’re proud of their British heritage and innovation in washroom and hygiene services. They focus on hygiene and eliminating the spread of germs and aim to ensure all of their clients remain compliant with key legislation. Their core washroom hygiene solutions include soap dispensers, sanitising products, hand dryers, sanitary waste bins, air fresheners and floor mats. 

They specialise in innovation in the hygiene industry. They combine their expert understanding of human behaviour and how germs spread to bring hygiene innovations to the market. They’re designed to break the chain of transmission and support the very highest hygiene standards. They have integrated technology into each product range with no-touch and intelligent connected ‘devices’ that indicate when a refill is required or maintenance is needed. 

Hygiene Survey

The Coronavirus pandemic forced us all to consider our personal hygiene and how we and businesses can do more to keep us safe. Initial developed their Hygiene Survey in the midst of the pandemic hence why it is centred around enabling social distancing and helping to prevent the build-up of harmful germs on your site. They offer virtual consultations and safe site visits to keep your premises running safely and compliant. 

Ensuring sites follow regulations around hygiene processes.

They produced a ‘Safer Washrooms Series’, which highlights processes to keep sites hygienic and always follows UK Government guidance regarding washroom hygiene. When conducting the survey, a highly trained local hygiene consultant visits your sites, reviews your current safety efforts, and recommends the products and services that will keep you, your employees, and visitors safe. 

Citron Hygiene 

Citron Hygiene’s main focus is to elevate the washroom experience through innovative solutions and environmentally conscious practices and products. They focus on enhancing and preserving your company’s reputation through your washroom, focusing on corporate and social responsibility. 

Corporate and Social Responsibility

Citron Hygiene is committed to protecting the environment with a range of green solutions that have reduced packaging, can be recycled wherever possible and minimise landfill waste. 

90% of their materials are recycled

They’ve worked hard to make as many products recyclable as possible, and now 90% of the cardboard, cans and plastic at their operational sites is recycled. They’re also committed to using biodegradable, natural ingredients. They use 100% natural products, even in powerful and effective germ-busting products, including the active ingredient. They work closely with waste treatment partners to utilise modern technologies, focusing on minimising landfills' impact. For example, the ash created from waste incineration is used by The Highways Agency in UK road construction. 

South West Hygiene 

South West Hygiene has grown from a small family-owned business to the largest independent washroom service provider in the South West. Its main focus is on customer care and service, and it vows to go the extra mile for every customer. They offer services in all aspects of washroom facilities rather than focusing on one section and offer products suitable for Hospitals, schools, businesses and public bathrooms. 

They Live By Their Values    

They have spent time perfecting their values to put their customers at the forefront of their business every time. With a strong focus on transparency, they promise that the price they quote will be the price you pay with no hidden charges or clauses. They feel the key to providing the best quality service is teamwork and have spent time and effort developing their workforces who are equally devoted to the cause and guarantee to put their heart into every job. 

Simply Washrooms

Simply Washrooms are an independently owned provider of workplace hygiene and washrooms services and have been for over 30 years. Their main focus is to provide safe working environments and continue servicing washrooms in busy facilities. At Simply Washrooms, they have two promises, to support the people and the planet. They want to change the way their industry approaches sustainability and handles hygiene waste. To start with, any hygiene waste they collect is never sent to landfills and is actually sent to local energy from waste (EfW) plants. It’s turned into a renewable fuel source which is used to power homes, hospitals, schools and businesses. 

Their Promise To The People 

Their goal is to make a difference. Simply Washrooms support the communities around them with their Workplace Giving Programme (WGP). They donate a percentage of their profits to charitable causes every year; staff choose causes to ensure the money goes to causes close to their hearts.

They also have commitments to their staff and are proud of the environment they provide for them. This includes a Profit Share Scheme where all employees are invited to partake and share the business's success. They have a strong focus on inclusion and diversity amongst staff and are committed to building a diverse workplace. They also annually review their gender pay profile to ensure there are no gaps and voluntarily pay the real Living Wage to all their staff. 

Their Promise To The Planet 

They want to change the way the washroom services sector handles sustainability. They offer a carbon-neutral service and actively reduce their emissions wherever possible, however long the process takes. They’re also putting time into reviewing the life cycle of their products. They aim to deliver all products ethically and sustainably and, where possible, choose products that can be easily reused or reduced at the end of their cycle.  

B Hygienic 

B Hygienic has been providing washroom services for over 20 years. Their diverse customer base has meant they’ve been able to focus on areas that mean the most to them. A lot of their collections are inspired by personal stories and experiences. For example, they work closely with Cancer charities especially Think Pink.   

Think Pink 

In 2010, they launched their ThinkPink campaign after they were affected by Ovarian Cancer. The ThinkPink campaign contains specially manufactured pink washroom products that clearly highlight their support for cancer awareness. The premise behind it is that all public and business premises need to comply with Health and Safety regulations, but this pink range is specifically designed to help promote saving lives. 

Have You Got The Balls To Check For Cancer? 

More recently, they have broadened their range to show support and highlight Testicular Cancer awareness. Their current pink range has also been launched in a teal colour, and they have produced entrance mats where they donate £10 a year for every serviced mat to a chosen Testicular Cancer charity. 

Our services are inspired by these industry leaders because we care about your business and the environment.

As a business owner, you have a legal responsibility to provide safe waste disposal and washroom services for employees and visitors. Each of these providers focuses on different areas and ways they can help the world around them while providing high-quality washroom services. And that's exactly what we do here at Woosh too. 

We promise to woosh washrooms faster, cleaner and greener, care more, do more and give more all to ensure we’re the best. Our clients' relationships are built to last and want to show kindness throughout, whether it's to the people we meet or the planet we live on. If you’d like help with your washroom servicing or more information on our products, contact your own wooshologist today!

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