Why A Great Smelling Workplace Is Essential For Business Success

No doubt you’ve invested hours into selecting your furniture and decorating your workplace. Every business aims for an effortless, aesthetically pleasing space for colleagues to collaborate. After all, you spend five days of the week inside the same four walls. It makes sense to make those walls as pretty as possible. Still, sight isn’t the only sense you need to consider! Pleasant sounds and smells are equally critical in creating an environment where staff want to stay.

Smells? You say. Absolutely! A great smelling workplace is essential for business success, and here are the reasons why.

Fresh Scents Connote Cleanliness

Disinfectants and cleaning agents cut through the lingering smell of dirt, dust, and grease. If unpleasant scents commonly waft around your office, it’s needless to say that your space feels unkempt. Well-maintained rooms can’t develop a foisty atmosphere since any bacteria in the nooks and crannies will be confronted daily. So, don’t delay dusting and disinfecting! Use citrusy cleaning products, and scrub every corner of your workplace to keep an air of cleanliness while avoiding the spread of illness.

Sweet Smells Maintain Focus

Is there anything more distracting than hideous odours? We would argue there really isn’t. Even briefly walking past the fish counter in your supermarket results in smoked mackerel stuck in the nostrils and on the brain. Imagine how much harder it is to ignore smells that engulf you for hours. Keep your employees on task and in the zone with clever air purification systems in the workplace. Gentle air fresheners will target unsettling smells without becoming overpowering and causing coughs!

Fragrances Influence Customer Experience

Should clients attend your premises, the fragrance can make or break their visit! Not only are the colours of your office part of your brand, but any scents influence how your business is perceived. Rich, musky smells like leather connote wealth and class. If you’re a wood supplier, woodsy aromas around your office can connect potential customers with your product! You’re more likely to achieve a deal with high-value clients when they believe you’re also high value and passionate about what you’re providing.

Scents Contribute To Memory

Have you ever caught a whiff of an old perfume or aftershave you used to wear? No doubt you were caught in a series of flashbacks to events that occurred while you wore the fragrance. Scents carry memories, and your staff will attach experiences to the smell of your office. Switch up the smell of your commercial air fresheners seasonally! One dedicated fragrance for summer, spring, autumn, and winter will help employees attribute different months of memories to various scents. Nothing will be forgotten.

Smells Affect Employees’ Taste

If you’ve ever had an unrelenting runny nose, you’ll know that scent influences taste. When you can’t smell, you can’t taste! Equally, unpleasant smells result in less enjoyable experiences of taste. This point likely doesn’t come as a surprise since nobody we’ve asked finds the scent of sewage appetising. Your team won’t appreciate workplace birthday cakes and sweet treats if awful smells overpower them. Light, breezy scents, and lots of fresh air in the office are key.

Fragrances Can Change Emotion

Unsurprisingly, the part of your brain that smells and tastes is the same emotional part of your brain that holds your personality. Peppy scents can promote alertness and positivity. On the other hand, lavender encourages relaxation and rejuvenation. You can set the tone of your office by being mindful of the scent notes you select. To elevate the emotions of your staff, and demonstrate how highly you care as an employer, contact us at Woosh Washrooms for scent solutions.

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