PPE Disposal Bins (45 Litre)

Dispose of used PPE correctly with the use of PPE Disposal Bins. From masks to gloves and aprons, it is important you follow PPE regulations and dispose of used and potentially contaminated PPE. Our PPE disposal bins also come in yellow to ensure all staff and visitors are aware of the potential biohazardous waste in them.

Woosh PPE Disposal Bins (45 Litre)
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Woosh PPE Disposal Bins (45 Litre)

With the application of the safe disposal of used or contaminated personal protective equipment (PPE), this Yellow PPE Disposal Bin is heavy-duty whilst also designed for easy cleaning. This bin is colour-coded yellow to highlight the potential biohazardous or infectious waste that may be placed in this bin. 

  • Easy to wipe down
  • Plastic construction (polypropylene) reduces rusting or potential dents
  • Quiet pedal mechanism for ease of use 
  • Colour-coded yellow to signify biohazardous or contaminated waste

Dimensions (mm): H600 x W410 x D400mm

Follow PPE Regulations and Dispose of PPE Safely 

PPE regulations state you should remove your gloves, apron, and eye protection when you have finished using them and dispose of them in a clinical waste bin. With our PPE disposal bins, you can not only follow PPE regulations but also safely dispose of PPE equipment in a secure manner, protecting you and your staff. As our PPE waste bins are yellow, this makes them perfect for a healthcare environment as yellow bins indicate biohazardous material, ensuring all staff understand the contents of this particular bin.

The shape of our PPE waste disposal bins is designed specifically for easy cleaning, minimising the risk of contamination from used PPE supplies. The quiet pedal mechanism makes your life a little bit easier when your hands are full, providing you with a quick disposal process. Additionally, the plastic construction of our PPE bins increases the longevity of your PPE waste disposal bin by removing the risk of rusting and potential dents. 

Take Disposal of PPE Seriously With Our PPE Disposal Bins 

Whether you use PPE gloves, a PPE apron, or PPE masks, you need a PPE waste disposal bin to ensure the safe disposal of PPE. If PPE is not disposed of properly, used PPE that may contain biohazards can cross-contaminate other items or people, which can be hazardous. This would increase the chance of infection in a work environment, putting your staff at risk. 

To protect your employees, invest in durable and colour-coded PPE disposal bins to minimise the risk of cross-contamination and increase the safety of staff and visitors. However, PPE disposal is not the only factor you need to consider when ensuring your staff's protection. At Woosh, we also offer Sharps Bin Disposal and Collection, as well as Swabs and Dressings Disposal, helping you invest in safety. Get in touch today to enhance the protection of your staff from infection and injury! 

For more information about disposing of medical waste, take a look at 5 things you must consider when disposing of medical waste.

Woosh PPE Disposal Bins (45 Litre)

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Frequently Asked Questions

What does PPE stand for?

PPE stands for Personal Protective Equipment. This is any equipment or supplies that a person wears to reduce the risk of exposure to hazards that could occur in a workplace. This includes both illnesses and injuries. For example, infectious diseases such as influenza and COVID-19, as well as any electrical, mechanical, and chemical hazards.

What is the correct procedure for the disposal of used PPE?

You must follow a process when disposing of PPE. The suggested procedure is: PPE gloves Gown/apron Face shield or eye protection PPE mask or respirator Each item should be placed into a clinical waste bin, such as one of our PPE Disposal Bins, to ensure everyone is aware of the biohazardous risk of the used PPE.

Why is it important to dispose of PPE properly?

The aim of disposing of PPE correctly is to minimise the risk of infection or even injury to others. If used PPE was to contain an infectious virus such as influenza and was disposed of as general waste, you would run the risk of infecting your whole workforce and any visitors to your facility. This is why it is important to dispose of PPE properly to break the chain of infection.

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